Featured image: Team Trampoline – Meg Wilson and Nicole Barakat in residence.

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) is delighted to unveil details of Sydney’s first place-based festival in the heart of Blacktown.

RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. is a three-week event inspired by the stories, characters, and artists from this dynamic Western Sydney community. This brand-new arts festival will feature works that respond to the local landscape and showcase the talents, vitality and personal stories of emerging and established artists from across Western Sydney and beyond.

RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. (RHRN.) features performance, installation, music, film and food in a 3.5 hour contemporary, place-based experience in the heart of Blacktown. It will see UTP continue its reputation for creating ‘out of the box’ experiences that tell contemporary Australian stories inspired by Western Sydney. RHRN. will unveil five newly commissioned artworks made in collaboration with more than 25 young and emerging Western Sydney artists.  Continue reading URBAN THEATRE PROJECTS LAUNCHES NEW FESTIVAL IN HEART OF BLACKTOWN


This image: Warwick Fyfe
Featured image: Louise Scott

BELOVED SONGS – A SAMPLER. This concert features Art Song and other Lieder by composers including Schubert, Schumann and others.  Warwick Fyfe, baritone, is the featured performer and there is a surprise artist as well.

“Want to be inspired? Want to be entertained? Come along!”

An die Musik [Facebook] presents BELOVED SONGS – A SAMPLER on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 2 pm


The latest of the excellent Exhibition on Screen series looks at the CEZANNE: PORTRAITS OF A LIFE  exhibition that was on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London earlier this year.

As is the usual format the documentary, narrated by Brian Cox, features an intimate insight in to the artist’s environment ( here Cezanne’s house and studio – the film opening with a dizzyingly shot sequence of the studio window leading to the studio today at Les Lauves, Aix-en-Provence ) – and detailed intense close up inspection of the paintings. There are beautifully filmed landscape sequences of both Paris and the countryside of Aix-en-Provence . it also features a specially commissioned score.  We see how the exhibition is cleanly, coolly and elegantly designed and beautifully hung and some of the HUGE heavily ornate frames the works have. Continue reading EXHIBITION ON SCREEN – CEZANNE: PORTRAITS OF A LIFE  


I have just returned from hearing Sarah Grunstein play Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann at the Utzon room in the Sydney Opera House.

There is no nicer venue than this room, with its panoramic vista of Sydney harbour and intimate atmosphere. To sit back in the beautiful afternoon light, unique to Sydney and luxuriate in the tones of the Steinway piano is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Sarah Grunstein is one of our most seasoned performers. She grew up in Sydney but is now resident in New York. A graduate of Juilliard, she has had a long career in teaching and performing  and recording in the United States , Europe and Australia. Continue reading SARAH GRUNSTEIN IN RECITAL @ THE UTZON ROOM



Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, and the passionate tango of Daniel Rojas & Orquesta La Luna Tango is pulsing through Foundry 616 in Ultimo. The sultry music of Latin America fills the packed out venue with love songs and dance rhythms.

The opening set features Daniel Rojas solo on piano performing a variety of songs from Argentina, Peru, Chile and Cuba and excerpts from a Bach prelude. Songs included Consuelo Velázquez’s Bésame Mucho, Piazzolla’s Libertango and Resurrection of the Angel, Mambo Influenciado, the classics Guantanamera and El Cóndor Pasa and an evocative 17th Century liturgical composition. Daniel also played his new composition, Idillico, an expressive song about love. Daniel shared some of his extensive knowledge the indigenous, folk and popular music of Latin America with brief and informative comments on the history or context of the song. Continue reading DANIEL ROJAS & ORQUESTA LA LUNA TANGO: SULTRY AND PULSING


The stars of the Australian production of Les Misérables will reunite at the Seymour Centre to present EPIPHANIES, a charity concert supporting research into mental illness, on 27th October.

Rob McDougall, Kerrie Anne Greenland (Helpmann Award winner) and Daniel Belle (The Ten Tenors) are set to delight musical theatre lovers in a three-hour, world class concert, backed by a stunning 18-piece orchestra.

Together they will perform a dazzling array of pieces from the world’s most loved musicals including Funny Girl, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, The Secret Garden, Anastasia, Chess and Les Misérables.

EPIPHANIES will also feature performances with some of McDougall, Greenland and Belle’s former Les Misérables co-stars including Patrice Topoki (Wicked), Naomi Livingston (Wicked) and Trevor Ashley (The Bodybag).

EPIPHANIES aims to raise funds for research into mental health. Money raised from this concert will go towards Australian Rotary Health’s research grant program, to a study aimed at evaluating the efficacy of treatments for young sufferers of mental illness. EPIPHANIES was previously performed in Tamworth to two sold out houses, which raised $20,000 for mental health research grants.

EPIPHANIES will play two performances at the Seymour Centre on Saturday, 27th October at 2pm and 7:30pm

PACT SALON: artifice x interface

PACT Salon: artifice x interface
Image by Margaret Ellen Burns

PACT Centre for Emerging Artists will present a creative exploration into the authenticity of art and the art-making process in artifice x interface .

Curated by Bonnie Cowan and Alex Stevenson, artifice x interface will see 14 of Sydney’s most talented emerging artists come together to explore, discover and question the artifice of art through performance, live music, sound, light and video installation.

artifice x interface will also consider the various forms of interaction and interface within artmaking, and examine how these interactions between human and technological collaborators alter the artmaking process.

PACT Salons are one-night-only mini festivals that showcase eclectic new works from compelling emerging performance, visual and media artists. Salons are where performance, party and critical dialogue collide to form a unique interactive experience.

PACT Salon: artifice x interface curated by  Bonnie Cowan and Alex Stevenson  is at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists – 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville from 6pm, Saturday 13th October.  Tickets here.

Artists: Flowerboy, Twisted Element, DarkCinema, Carla Zimbler, David Finnigan, Mikaela Atallah, Sam Marques, Maddie Chippendale, Camilla Turnbull, Emily Crocker, Henry Holder, Ella Byrne, Eloise McCrea-Steele and Kristone Capistrano

Note: Contains haze, strobe light effects, nudity, strong language and some content that may be unsuitable for people under 16.


This image: The Cast of A Little Cabaret
Featured image: Siobhan Clifford, Olivia Vasquez, Denise Devlin, & Embla Bishop
Production images: Christopher Starnawski (Omnes Photography)

A LITTLE CABARET is a fundraiser for Little Triangle’s November production of Michael John LaChiusa & George C. Wolfe’s THE WILD PARTY and its short run at the Sydney Fringe is pretty much sold out. With good reason.  There’s a commitment to excellence inside this little company that spills over the footlights in all their work. Staged or simply sung. Here we have seven gorgeous voices performing songs chosen with care to be interesting and unusual.  Celebrating the unsung is the publicity tagline and what a great program it turns out to be.

It’s just a lovely night to share with lovers of musical theatre as some songs ooze with familiarity and others are go-home-and-google offerings.  Directed by Alexander Andrews and accompanied by Conrad Hamill there are brief introductions “another woman sits at another bar alone” … “ A young wife has a secret.” Continue reading A LITTLE CABARET OF SELDOM HEARD TREASURES


Margi De Ferranti
Featured image from Hayes Theatre production IN THE HEIGHTS with Ryan Gonzalez : Photo: Grant Leslie

At the Hayes is an always entertaining podcast from the Hayes Theatre and it now has a new host, musical theatre veteran, Margi de Ferranti.  The Guide had the chance to ask Margi about this new challenge. And other topics that we wandered off into.

SAG:                You must be busy, as always, at the moment.

MARGI:            Oh yep! Between teaching and podcasting and everything else …

SAG:                So you’ve taken over the Hayes Podcast. That must be fun.

MARGI:            Oh it’s great. I’ve only done one so far. Actually when I’m finished talking with you I’m off to record EVIE MAY.  It’s such great fun. I was talking to someone and saying I’d love to do a podcast one day … and then this came up.

SAG:                It’s always a cracker listen because the Hayes attracts such extraordinary talent. You’ve been around the industry for so long, since Les Miz in 1987, so you’ll be speaking with people whose careers you have watched up close through the years.

MARGI:            Yeah well you would have heard on that first podcast where I spoke with Cait (Caitlin Berry) from SHE LOVES ME that I’ve known her since she was 15!

SAG:                So she said.

MARGI:            I was teaching her for about 3 years before she got into WAAPA and I’ve been watching her career ever since.  I think I do know a lot of people either personally or through someone else, so I’m very lucky.

SAG:                Is your focus going to be on the latest production at the Hayes? For that extra insight into it for the listeners? Continue reading AT THE HAYES: WE SPEAK TO NEW PODCAST HOST MARGI DE FERRANTI


Grab your wand and Wizarding robes, Accio your ticket and Apparate to the Seymour Centre for the return season of the wonderful POTTED POTTER . It has been touring internationally to enormous acclaim since 2005 .

Described as ‘The Unauthorised Harry Potter Experience’, it is a charming, witty and affectionate parody, enchanting fun, condensing all seven books in the enormously popular series by JK Rowling into 70 minutes, and includes snippets of dance, special effects , humour , audience participation ( and Quidditch! ) to create a hugely delightful experience for both witches wizards and Muggles . Continue reading POTTED POTTER AT THE SEYMOUR CENTRE


These kids are just great and they have a topic they can get their teeth into.  WHERE WILL ALL THE PENGUINS GO?, playing as part of the Sydney Fringe, will give them a voice on issues such as the environment and the dangers of plastic bottles, war, refugees and the importance of family.

They are young but committed and they wear their heart on their sleeve as the ensemble brings a story of two brothers.  Brothers who see life in different ways and who grow apart as economic choices separate them. Continue reading WHERE WILL ALL THE PENGUINS GO? GREAT JOB KIDS!

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