RBG is a documentary film directed and produced by Betsy West and Julie Cohenwhich recently premiered at the Sundance film Festival . RBG is Ruth Bader Ginsburg ( nee Ruth Joan Bader). She is a member of the US Supreme Court. At times almost painfully shy and reserved she is 83 years of age she has become an icon to liberal America and its youth.
How did this come about?
The film explores her path from a working class family in Broklyn to Supreme Court Justice. But it is more than that for her journey parrallels the the enormous social and legal victories women were able to achieve from the 1970s.  Central to that change was RBG. Six times she appeared before the Supreme Court to argue for womens rights..the right to equal pay, the right to own their bodies, for equality before the law. And five times she won. She was not only an advocate for women.
In Weinberger v Wiesenfeld she was for Weinberger, a male home maker denied his deceased wife’s social security pension on the basis that it was only awarded to mothers.
The film is an insight into this almost ancient frail woman of great intelectual strength and discipline who even now attends the gym regularly to spend an hour with her personal trainer, at the end of which she professes “…Im ready for another hour”. A wonderful wordsmith she once criticised the majority decision of her judicial bretheren saying it was “the equivalent of throwing away an umbrella in a rainstorm because you are not getting wet.”
Also chronicled is the story of her marriage to Martin D Ginsburg another lawyer without whose wise and unwavering support she would never have achieved  High Office.
Today she is in great demand as a speaker. Books have been written about her “…Notorious R B G:The Life and Times Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” .
After she graduated equal first in class from Columbia University Law School there was not a law firm in New York who would hire her. What she did with her life thereafter is a compelling story , insightfully told by the filmmakers with charm wit and insight.
See it.
RBG will open in cinemas on Thursday 26th July 2018.


The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance at PACT Centre                                                                                  William Jordan as Ross (top); Nicholas Gledhill as Treves (left); Harley Connor as Merrick (centre); Marty O\’Neill (right).                                                                                                                                            Photo by Emma Wright.

The Tony award-winning drama THE ELEPHANT MAN comes to PACT Centre for Emerging Artists for a limited season this August (5 performances only).

Set in Victorian England, "The Elephant Man" tells the tale of John Merrick, a hideously deformed man with a soul of perfection. Born with a genetic disorder, which made his head, right arm and right leg grossly large, his skin loose and smelly, he is ridiculed by all and left to languish in a freak show. 

Merrick is saved by Frederick Treves, a well-meaning doctor, who gives him refuge in a London hospital, where he lives out his life and is befriended by London's glitterati who are drawn to his sweet disposition and intelligent mind.

The production is directed by Debbie Smith and featuring Harley Connor as John Merrick ,”The Elephant Man”, and Nicholas Gledhill as Dr Frederick Treves.

THE ELEPHANT MAN [Facebook]  from Exit Game Productions will play at PACT August 22 – 25. Bookings at Trybooking.


Le Petit Bateau art collective presents RESET which is the first solo Australian exhibition by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Be.

RESET is an expression of the artist’s  metamorphosis from life in southern Brazil as a street art activist to his current home Sydney.  Eduardo is renowned for his work which “intends to reach people with short and direct messages that could change their days.” Continue reading RESET: EDUARDO BE AT LE PETIT BATEAU – 1ST AUS SOLO EXHIBITION


WHITEWASH by Jodie Wolf is soon to be presented by Bohemia Theatre.

WHITEWASH is a play centred around a dysfunctional family in South East London. The play explores madness, secrets and lies.

Are we all born mad and we suppress it? Does it lay dormant within us until something clicks that switch? Is it simply society that keeps us all in check or are we all in fact completely bonkers and pretending not to be?

We love our families, but maybe we need to accept, that sometimes they’re not healthy for us to be around.  Maybe we need to take a breath, take a moment and remember who we’re.

WHITEWASH [Facebook Event] by Bohemia Theatre [Facebook] will play at Blood Moon Theatre [ Facebook] 2-4 August.  Tickets at Eventbrite.


Join Bel a cappella and Musical Director Anthony Pasquill for the second concert of their 2018 season SALVE REGINA.

Francis Poulenc is considered to be among the most important composers of choral music of the 20th Century. Bel a cappella has presented most of his dazzling unaccompanied choral music over the years and is delighted to be performing his Mass in G, a work that demonstrates the fusion of playfulness and devotion which characterises Poulenc’s sacred music. Continue reading SALVE REGINA FROM BEL A CAPPELLA: WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY


Not content with the Opening Night of BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL happening on Friday, North Shore Theatre Company have 2 other shows in rehearsal.

Sprinkled with sass and inspired by the hit film, BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL will take you on a high-flying journey that is filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness.

With a colourful assortment of characters, an exciting fresh sound and explosive choreography, this hilarious universal story is sure to be everything that you hoped for and nothing like you expected.

BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL [Facebook Event] information and bookings can be found here. 



This image: Dennis Coard
Featured image: Dennis Coard as Wal with Saxon Gray, Joanne Booth and Ruth Caro.                                   Production photos: Cathy Ronalds

SAG:  What drew you to this project?  Was it the part of Wal or the play itself? How do you see Wal?

DENNIS:      There have been over 50 productions and a feature film of Hannie Rayson’s “Hotel Sorrento”. I haven’t seen the film but I did see Hit’s production of the play many years ago, and I really liked the character of Wal – now I’m old enough to play the role so I was delighted to accept the offer when it came.

Wal is a good man and a good father but probably not the best of husbands, over his life he would have spent more time with his mates than he did with his wife. So, while he loved her he probably didn’t really listen to her or understand how she felt. Continue reading ‘HOTEL SORRENTO’- AN INTERVIEW WITH WAL (DENNIS COARD)

au revoir la haut: see you up there

The superb saga AU REVOIR LA HAUT (See You Up There) is a cinematic triumph, a little bit Beauty and the Beast, a little bit Paths of Glory, a little bit Phantom of the Opera, and a whole lot of satisfying storytelling and spectacle.

Sublime cinematography, deliciously detailed design, pitch perfect performances conspire to make AU REVOIR LA HAUT one of the great cinema going experiences of the year.

Beginning with an awesome aerial shot tracking a French army Alsatian dog across the battlefield and into the trenches on the eve of the First World War Armistice, AU REVOIR LA HAUT presents its credentials as a grand scale epic from the first frame.

The hubris and horrors of war, the slaughter and the sacrifice and the contrasting forging of friendship amongst the carnage, are startlingly depicted in a first act that sets up a story that ripples into peacetime and the civilian life of two comrades at arms.

Albert is rescued from entombment from the battlefield by Edouard who in turn is saved by Albert after an explosion knocks him off his feet and his jaw from his face. Both are witnesses to a war crime committed by their commanding officer, Pradelle.

More pressing than than bringing the offensive officer to justice is disguising the disfigured Edouard and getting him back home for the prosthetics surgery he needs. Edouard is emphatic he wants to be officially known as killed in action so that he does not have to face his father or sister and their plot to switch identities with a soldier fatally felled on the field makes them artificially complicit with Pradelle.

Settling into civilian life, Edouard, a talented artist, turns out biting and blistering pamphlets on war profiteering and the appalling lack of caring repatriation for the returned servicemen, especially those maimed physically and psychologically. He also does a nice turn in mask making, concealing his disfigurement in a dazzling array of masks, fancy facades and faux visages that give the film a surreal feel, a fairy tale quality that suffuses the narrative with absurd comedy amid the solemn and serious aspects of the story.

Cinematography by Vincent Matthias is sweeping, sumptuous and just plain swell, a wide screen execution that has no superior so far this year.

The score, by Christophe Julien, is similarly stupendous, music that evokes, stokes and supports the various strands of this monumental movie.

Costumes by Mimi Lempicka are stunning and gorgeous, augmenting character and the exquisite Production Design by Pierre Queffelean.

Directed by Albert Dupontel who also co wrote the screenplay with the author of the book on which the film is based upon, Pierre Lamaitre, AU REVOIR LA HAUT boasts an impressive cast, led by Dupontel himself as Albert, as expressive in eyes as in anything that rolls off his tongue. Indeed, there is something of the silent screen in the technique employed, redolent of the era it is set, an inspired choice that enhances the characterisation.

Edouard’s devastating and disfiguring injury reduces him to grunts and groans, so the actor Nahuel Perez Biscayart plays him accordingly with expressive eye and body language.

As the villain of the piece, and of the peace, Pradelle, Laurent Lafitte is the embodiment of the big screen baddie, a cad and bounder, a bag of effluent attaining affluence, a nasty bit of goods of which there is not a skerrick of good.

The incomparable Niels Arestrup plays Edouard’s estranged industrialist dad with gravitas and a great gulf of grief submerged, affectingly and effectively emerging in the film’s denouement.

Newcomer and certified scene stealer Heloise Balster makes an impressive debut as Louise, a little girl who befriends Albert and Edouard and literally becomes Edouard’s mouth piece.

AU REVOIR LA HAUT casts a spell of magical moviemaking and achieves a rare stature of screen entertainment. See you up there.


FORTE is a collaboration between Australian choreographer Tim Podesta and Principal Guest Artist of the Royal Ballet Mara Galeazzi.  It brings together James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight, contemporary dancers from the UK who for the past four years have danced with Company Wayne McGregor, and a cast of Australian and international dancers. Forte is a programme of five short works produced by M&T In Motion for Projection Dance Company. The word Forte means strong or strength and showcases the great strength and excellent technique of the dancers .

There were no set designs as such , rather the stage of the Concourse Theatre was stripped right back . Continue reading FORTE: A SHOWCASE FOR STRENGTH AND TECHNIQUE



This image: Elyse Hayhurst
Featured image: Miranda Michalowski

Jopuka Productions, the Central Coast’s only not-for-profit youth arts theatre company, will make its first foray into political theatre with a new staging of the renowned Australian production GAYBIES in July.

Written by Helpmann Award winner Dean Bryant, GAYBIES  received rave reviews when it was first staged as a reading at Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival in 2013. Bryant wrote GAYBIES to inspire and inform the public on what it is like to grow up in families that were once considered hypothetical but are now controversial. It answers the question typically posed of such families: “But what about the children?” Continue reading GAYBIES: A NEW STAGING FROM YOUTH THEATRE JOPUKA


Powerhouse Diva Erin Cornell  will be in concert in Sydney in August at intimate venue Ginger’s.

Commencing here next month on the first leg of a global tour, ALL OF ME – AN EVENING WITH ERIN CORNELL is a spellbinding journey which will transcend musical genres – from Judy Garland to Ella Fitzgerald, Loreena Mackenitt to John Farnham, Sondheim to Annie Lennox, Schwartz to Queen, Lloyd Webber to Adele.

This special concert will feature Erin Cornell’s incredible vocal talents, supported by some very special guests, including Ben Clark (2018 The Voice Semi-Finalist), a four-piece band and backing vocalists. Continue reading ALL OF ME: AN EVENING WITH ERIN CORNELL

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