At Liverpool Performing Arts Ensemble, we’ve been working hard on putting together a performance of HATING ALISON ASHLEY. It’s been 30 years since Australian playwright Robin Klein wrote this absolutely classic school-based play, and to celebrate, we’re putting on a run of shows at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre between October 24th-27th.

HATING ALISON ASHLEY covers lots of issues relevant to teenage life, including identity, bullying, and jealousy. But we all have the capacity to relate! We’ve been using adults with the ability to play children in year six. The result is a melodramatic, amusing and highly entertaining adaptation. Our cast is young, enthusiastic, and dynamic, making the play accessible to all.

A lot has happened in thirty years, and so we’ve made a few small changes to ensure its relevance in 2018. Whether you’re a school group or an adult, you’ll enjoy our interpretation directed by Jane Matts. Guaranteed!

Wed 24th October – 11.00am & 7.30pm Thur 25th October – 11.00am Fri 26th October – 11.00am & 7.30pm Sat 27th October – 2.00pm & 7.30pm at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

For more about Hating Alison Ashley, visit
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This image: Gabrielle Scawthorn in ‘Ironbound’ . Photo by Jasmin Simmons
Featured Image: Gabrielle Scawthorn in ‘Ear to the Edge of Time’

EAR TO THE EDGE OF TIME by Alana Valentine is inspired by true events.  A young radio astronomer who makes a universe-shifting discovery, only for her work to be claimed by her older, male, supervisor. As she wrestles with her frustration and the potential consequences of speaking out, the decision about whether she should go public is suddenly and irrevocably taken out of her hands.

Sydney Arts Guide had the opportunity to speak with one of the stars, Gabrielle Scawthorn, who has just had rave reviews for her work in IRONBOUND.  (SAG Review)

SAG:                Thank you for stepping out of rehearsal to chat with our readers.  You’ve just come off a very big show and straight into this one, you must have been busy with rehearsal and prep and a show on the boards.
GABRIELLE:     ( laughing) Yes I was.  Which I haven’t done in quite a while.  I’ve done it a couple of times before but this is the first time in about 3 years.  There is a skill to it! It is a different ball game entirely, kind of taking one hat off and putting the other on with an hour or so turnaround.

SAG:                I bet there is.  Was the KXT dressing room littered with astrophysics books? 
GABRIELLE:     No, no it wasn’t. The guys made fun of me because the dressing room is very small and the lovely boys I did the show with were all very, very caring and so on the first day that I came in they said ‘ how are rehearsals. Tell me all about it ?’

But I have a really strict rule that I don’t like to talk about one show when I’m about to do the other one.  And so I had to say, sorry guys I can’t talk about it … that can’t come into this theatre.  So no, there were no astrophysics books in there. Continue reading EAR TO THE EDGE OF TIME: AN INTERVIEW WITH GABRIELLE SCAWTHORN



This scintillating musical delivers an inspiring story of human survival and of finding true love in a dystopian world, is set in an alternative dark universe where everyone must always wear their gloves because physical contact, including touching is illegal. Stalking all your neighbours using high-powered binoculars is compulsory, and is the one and only entertainment outlet provided to the populace.       Continue reading STALKER THE MUSICAL – Australian Premiere @ THE DEPOT THEATRE, MARRICKVILLE


Tissues.  Take tissues to THE MERCHANT OF VENICE performed by Buckingham’s Company at the Pop Up Globe.  Shylock will reach down the centuries to prickle the eyes. Seeing the racism rampant and hoping that 400 years has made change, secretly knowing there is still much to do, will barb and water requiring a discreet dab of the visage.  And keep said tissue handy because, the biggest surprize of all, Portia will fill your nose with snot and eye with tears of joy and laughter.  This production is a splendid manifestation of social consciousness embedded in bespoke theatrical entertainment of the highest, most accessible calibre.

This MERCHANT OF VENICE ranges about the wide, authentic stage with slapstick and pathos, characters broad and subtle and that most onomatopoeic Chaucerian four letter word in direct contrast with the sublime poetry.  There’s so much to enjoy for any audience whether new to the Bard or steeped in the canon.    Continue reading THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: BIG NEWS ON THE RIALTO


There is never a dull moment in the Genesian Theatre’s new production, a revival of Arnold Riley’s THE GHOST TRAIN directed by Stephen Lloyd-Coombs. This show features plenty of twists and turn, a good quota of suspense and lots of light touches.  

It’s 1923 and the evening mist draws in on an isolated train station in the British Midlands. A stalled locomotive, a missed connection, and an assorted collection of rail passengers find themselves stranded far from home.

The Station Master warns against it but the passengers decide to ignore his tale of supernatural danger and death. They settle in for the night hoping that the old story of a tragic wreck and a spectral train which roars through the junction will not disturb their rest…

I can imagine that director Stephen Lloyd-Coombs found it challenging to get the mix right between the comic almost farcical elements and the growing tension in the narrative. He mainly succeeds, My only quibble is that just sometimes the performances could have been pared back/toned down just a little. Continue reading THE GHOST TRAIN : A GREAT RIDE AT THE GENESIAN THEATRE


Tina Arena, Kurt Kansley in EVITA Sydney 2018.
Production photos: Jeff Busby

Unusually, it is the second act of the current production of EVITA which sold this show to me.  The history of musical theatre is littered with the corpses of second act fails, but here, a combination of superb acting and a directorial instinct for the achievement of intimacy brings down the final curtain with pathos and that inescapable excitement of having been thoroughly entertained.

This production is a big event as only a grand musical can be.  Banners throughout the city and a front page introduction from the Minister for Tourism and Events in the program and, realistically, if you are reading this you will go and see this production. In the lead up I asked a range of people why and the answers were, unsurprisingly, related to age.  Younger people going because of the star, mid-range to see what the Madonna film is like live and elder citizens because we can sing along with every word: having worn out the Julie Covington record before the invention of a repeat button.  A manifold and challenging set of expectations for a 2 hour and 20 minute revival of a 1978 West End production. Continue reading EVITA: BIGGEST OF BIG, YET STRONGEST WHEN INTIMATE


Omg you guys, Bling Productions Presents…LEGALLY BLONDE JR THE MUSICAL!

Based on the award-winning Broadway musical and the smash hit motion picture, Legally Blonde: The Musical JR. is a fabulously fun journey of self-empowerment and expanding horizons. The show's instantly recognizable songs are filled with humour, wit and sass – leaving cast members and audiences alike seeing pink!

LEGALLY BLONDE JR: THE MUSICAL [Facebook Event] from Bling Productions [Facebook] will play  7th and 8th of November 2018 at Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre.

With thanks to Bling Productions, Sydney Arts Guide has two double pass giveaways to LEGALLY BLONDE JR.  These are for the 7 November show and the 8 November show at the Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre

To be in the running, email ( 
with LEGALLY BLONDE JR as the subject, along with your full name AND the evening you would like to attend.

Competition closes Midnight Sunday 7th October, 2018 when the winner will be drawn. Only winners will be notified and the tickets will be emailed by the promoter.


Mon Sans Productions and Actors Anonymous will present IN WAITING, a new and confronting play tackling the realities of life and death.

Estelle Avery wakes up in what seems to be a doctor’s waiting room. Little does she know that this is no ordinary waiting room, but a waiting room for the dead with unresolved issues. Many others are with her, waiting to see Ignus, a mysterious figure and psychologist for the departed. 

As time passes, more questions about her own death come into play. Does Ignus have the answers and, if so, will Estelle be ready to face the truth that binds all who are in waiting together?

Writer and director Liviu Monsted said “This show is born from a love of the macabre and the need to address the often overlooked psychosis of people dealing with death. It’s important for theatre goers to have a sense of resolve at the end of a play, and this piece will hopefully give them a chance to discuss the nature of death openly and without fear.”

IN WAITING  from Mon Sans Productions [Facebook] and Actors Anonymous [Facebook] plays at the Blood Moon Theatre from 11th to 19th October.

Trigger Warning: This play deals with themes of violence, suicide, bodily harm and psychosis. Graphic makeup will be used on the actors, you are warned!


After a sold out run at the Hughenden Hotel, Darlo Drama is proud to host an encore performance of GOD OF CARNAGE in the new Darlo Drama Studio Theatre.

The comedy of manners.... without the manners.

What happens when two sets of parents’ meet up to deal with the unruly behaviour of their children? A calm and rational debate between grown-ups about the need to teach kids how to behave properly? Or a hysterical night of name-calling, tantrums and tears before bedtime? Boys will be boys, but the adults are usually worse – much worse. God of Carnage won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy and the Tony award for Best Play.

GOD OF CARNAGE [Facebook Event] from Darlo Drama [Facebook] will play one show only – 14 October 2018 @ 5:30pm

An amateur production by arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd.

With thanks to Darlo Drama, Sydney Arts Guide has a double pass giveaway to GOD OF CARNAGE.  These are for the 5:30pm show, October 14 2018.

To be in the running, email ( 
with GOD OF CARNAGE as the subject, along with your full name.

Competition closes Midnight Sunday 30th September, 2018 when the winner will be drawn. Only winners will be notified and the winner's name will be at the Box Office on the night.


Australia’s most sought after drag queens will take to the stage in the glittering drag spectacular, PRADA’S PRISCILLAS: AN ALL-MALE REVUE, touring across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland from September through November.

A 90-minute drag extravaganza, PRADA'S PRISCILLAS takes audiences on a musical journey from where it all began with the famous Les Girls of Kings Cross in the 60s, across the Australian desert with Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the 90s, and into 2018 with a celebration of modern music icons. 

Prada and her stunning ‘girls’ will pay tribute to Les Girls with a fabulous Vegas-style feathered showgirl number, perform an array of songs from Priscilla Queen of the Desert including crowd favourites I Love the Nightlife, Shake Your Groove Thing and I Will Survive, and delight with hits from music icons including ABBA, Cher and Lady Gaga. 


Women in Australia – Stories of Courage – Sydney Fringe Festival 2018 @ Pitt Street Uniting Church

Peach Productions presents eight short plays “Women In Australia: Stories Of Courage” as part of Sydney Fringe Festival 2018. Written and directed by women of diverse backgrounds, a brilliant journey to celebrate women’s past struggles for identity, independence and their fighting for the right to own property and the right to vote. Dramatic life stories, starting from early European settlement in Australia, through to present day struggles.                        Continue reading Women in Australia – Stories of Courage – Sydney Fringe Festival 2018 @ Pitt Street Uniting Church