Graphic and Image by 51 Watts – Graphic Design

WYRD: THE SEASON OF THE WITCH draws on the tropes of urban legend to rework Shakespeare’s Scottish Play into a striking new narrative that follows the rise and fall of a powerful warrior identified only as ‘Our Lady.’  Her insatiable ambition makes her a target for the malevolent Wyrd Sisters who have their own designs for the infamous Scottish noble.

The high energy and tightly choreographed performance will feature Shakespeare’s original text cut from Macbeth, reordered and stitched back together with toe-tapping 50s pop songs, powerful choral speaking and high energy movement. Wyrd is a truly unexpected performance of the Bard’s ‘unlucky’ play.

PACT, located in Erskineville, has been Australia’s original centre for emerging and experimental art for over fifty years.  In 2018 and 2019 three innovative, emerging companies make their home at PACT. Each year these resident companies will premiere a new work at PACT

The Ninefold Ensemble  launches into its atPACT two-year residency  with WYRD: THE SEASON OF THE WITCH.

Ninefold is a Sydney-based theatre ensemble and one of PACT's resident companies for 2018-19. Founded by Shy Magsalin, the company was formed to investigate highly rigorous and disciplined ensemble performance-making. In 2016 they created their award-winning TRAGEDY OF ANTIGONE and presented the site-specific TRI-BECKET at Don Bank Museum in North Sydney.

WYRD: THE SEASON OF THE WITCH from Ninefold [Facebook] will play at PACT [Facebook]  Wednesday – Saturday June 20-23 & 27-30 at 7pm.