Willoughby Symphony Orchestra presents Bohemian Tango @ The Concourse CHATSWOOD

WSO 2015 Composer in Residence Elena Kats-Chernan

This was a superb afternoon spent enjoying the three fine music selections, chosen for the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, and presented as BOHEMIAN TANGO.

Energetically conducted by Warwick Potter, the first piece was a symphonic masterwork in five movements, composed by Elena Kats-Chernin, Willoughby Symphony Orchestra’s 2015 Composer-in-Residence. ‘Recollecting ASTORoids’ provided a detailed and most magnificent tango experience, performed by the full symphony orchestra. If a CD recording of ‘Recollecting ASTORoids’ existed, its beautiful tango music would be a recommended purchase.

The Second piece in three movements was Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, K. 467 delivered with the most professional performance by the accomplished Australian pianist Kristian Chong. The consummate professional musician, had memorized the entire music score, and deliberately interpreted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most perfect C Major Piano Concerto, exactly as the composer envisioned it. The ‘Deutsche Grammophon’ recording of the second movement (Andante in F major), was memorably used in the Swedish motion picture film ‘Elvira Madigan’ (1967).

Before interval, Kristian Chong treated the audience to a unique encore offering, that was stunningly performed – Miriam Hyde: for piano, left hand.

After interval the audience was treated to a large symphonic work of immense auditory delights and beautiful melodies in four movements, of Antonín Leopold Dvořák’s Symphony No. 6 in D major, op. 60. Composed in 1880, Dvořák’s Symphony No. 6 was  composed for the Vienna Philharmonic, and premiered in Prague on 25th March 1881 with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Capturing the Czech national style of the era, the symphony is written in four movements – Allegro non tanto; Adagio; Scherzo (Furiant), Presto; Finale – Allegro con spirito.

The resident orchestra of The Concourse at Chatswood, the Willoughby Symphony again proved itself to be one of Sydney’s finest.

This latest Willoughby Symphony Orchestra Concert played over two days at the Concourse Chatswood on the 27th and 28th June.