Hugo Weaving as Vladimir and Richard Roxburgh as Estragon in Samuel Beckett’s WAITING FOR GODOT. Pic Lisa Tomasetti

In 1966 Bob Dylan released one of his greatest albums- a double album, with the quirky title,  ‘Blonde on Blonde’. It featured some of the great songwriters finest songs.

Further back in 1953 Samuel Beckett released his play ‘Waiting for Godot’ with its premiere production taking place at the Theatre de Babylone. on January 5, 1953.

Beckett’s play is described as a, ‘comic masterpiece’. Masterpiece…yes…unique…absolutely…there has never been a play quite like it…many call it an anti-play…nothing of any happens…there is no goal..no super-objective..

Comic?…Yes…but the humour is so dark…gallows humour…Black on Black. There is no let up. Desolation..

Sixty years on,  the Sydney Theatre Company has put on a revival of ‘Godot’ as one of its showcase production of the year. Andrew Upton helms the production, taking over from Tamas Ascher who had to withdraw for health reasons. Three giants of the Australian theatre take the leading roles; Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh as the two tramps and Philip Quast as the sadistic Pozzo. The production is of the highest calibre. It’s just really tough going…

The season at the Sydney Theatre, which runs to  Saturday December 21, is pretty much a sell out.