UTS Backstage Presents Brendan Cowell’s RUBEN GUTHRIE @ The Bon Marche Studio

Ruben Guthrie
Inset pic- Ellen Wiltshire will be playing Virginia in the upcoming production. Featured  pic- Playwright brendan Cowell. Pic by Marco Del Grande.

Sometimes, sobriety can be a tough pill to swallow …

In its second major production of the year, UTS Backstage returns with the story of one man’s struggle to re-establish his identity, his career, and his relationships with those who matter most to him. As the last theatrical performance before RUBEN GUTHRIE hits the big screen, this is not a show to be missed.

RUBEN GUTHRIE follows the highs and come-downs of its eponymous character, as he searches for his own happiness in a city that tells him it comes from the bottom of a bottle. In an industry so engrossed in the thrills and spills of its own indulgence, is it really possible to have too much of a good thing?    

Proven to be one of the most original and captivating pieces of contemporary Australia theatre, the play exposes the culture of consumption and excess that modern audiences have become accustomed to. Throughout the play, the characters are called to answer the big questions: Is it truly ‘un-Australian’ to say no to a drink? Are the things we love always what’s best for us? Do we ever really change?

As Ruben is shaken to the core, both he and the audience are pushed to re-evaluate the way we interact with ourselves, our friends, our family, and our society. Each character evokes a different flavour in the palate of Ruben’s life, bringing to the surface different facets of his character, and ultimately, reveals a man who’s trying to figure out if it is really ever possible to save himself, and when his worlds collide, Ruben’s going to get his answer, whether he’s ready or not.

“I think it’s very easy to see pieces of Ruben in ourselves, for better or worse” says director, Tom Crotty, “we can sympathise with him and get angry with him because we all see ourselves making the same mistakes, and see ourselves acknowledging that, and trying to do better. The play is fresh but familiar, as it exposes us to the reality of drugs and alcohol, of late nights and long work days; especially when trying to be successful in creative industries.”

Half drama, half comedy, and entirely enthralling, Crotty’s youthful and skilled reimagining of this contemporary classic will have audiences helplessly addicted.

RUBEN GUTHRIE will be performed from Thursday 25 June to Saturday 27 June, at the Bon Marche Studio, Level One, Building 3, 755 Harris Street, Broadway, NSW 2007 at the University of Technology, Sydney.


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Student/Concession: $10

Adult: $15

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