Planes fly over their Marrickville apartment as Sam and Jess argue, for  the hundredth time, about whose turn it is to take the bins out. While they still love  one another, it’s clear they are in a rut. After nine years, it’s not surprising.  

After a night out with a captivating performer, Jess finds herself falling head over  heels. Lola is queer, funny and utterly unapologetic. She’s also polyamorous. 

So Jess and Sam decide to try it. 

But polyamory isn’t all fun, games, and threesomes. Being “ethical sluts” isn’t easy,  particularly when one of you finds love, and the other sits around watching Netflix.  

Featuring all original music, cabaret, chaos, and a whole love of love, this subversive  new musical by award-winning playwright Lucy Matthews, upends the notion that  “happily ever after” is exclusively for two people. 

Ugly Love premieres at Flight Path Theatre 14-23 July 2022, starring LJ Wilson, Lincoln Elliott, Cypriana Singh and Madelaine Osborn.  

Season: 14-23 July 2022, 7pm and 4pm 

Tickets: $35 Adult, $25 Concession, $25 Cheap Tuesday.

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