An independent theatre production performing in an intimate Sydney theatre. TUMBLING DICE  follows the story of teenagers in the 90s, finishing up their schooling and with high hopes venture into the real world with big dreams. Some manage through effort a good life while others get their unfair share of struggles. Did they not work hard enough for what they want or did chance in the randomness of life get in the way?

An ensemble, the story follows seven characters whose lives intertwine and crossover in interesting and surprising ways. Each character is unique yet strangely relatable you’ll be sure to recognise yourself or someone you knew from high school. A smart arse boy who thinks he has life figured out, a quiet socially awkward girl with a tragic past who says she wants to be left alone but really she longs for connection, and chatty teachers who can’t resist getting in on the juicy gossip.

TUMBLING DICE mixes comedy and drama, tragedy and laughs to see what people do, how people respond when the parts of life outside of their control impacts on them. Are they just characters on a game board only moving when someone else rolls the dice or can they make the most with the life they get.

TUMBLING DICE is playing the Chippen Street Theatre, 45 Chippen Street, Chippendale between the 16th and the 25th June, 2022


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