TUESDAY is funny, wry and insightful. Its astute observations of four slightly malfunctioning characters make this a worthwhile reason to visit Belvoir’s Downstairs Theatre.

There are four characters delivering a series of brief monologues. They reveal their thoughts and make observations about their lives and occurrences on this reasonably mundane Tuesday. All the characters have a fascinating discord between their view of themselves and their actual behaviours that they reveal as they go about their day. It is the classic inconsistency between the view from within and the view from without and it is brilliantly observed by playwright Louris van de Geer.

The play is mostly set in a local supermarket run by a fastidious, neurotic store manager (Duncan Fellows). An angry young man (Tom Anson Mesker), after observing the new blue patch on his ceiling, makes his way to the supermarket. A schoolgirl (Bridie McKim), after a special assembly about hairstyles, leaves school by the forbidden back gate for the supermarket. A fastidious housewife (Frances Duca) leaves her husband in his shed sorting his collection of screws for her visit to the same supermarket. They continue their monologues, not addressing each other but making reference to each other’s behaviours and appearances. This is a wildlife documentary where the animals are human beings and the shop is the jungle.

Director Nell Ranney makes excellent use of the intelligent and funny script and actors’ fine performances. The set, sound and lighting are all simple and effective. The crew includes Production Designer Isabel Hudson, Sound Designer Clare Hennessy, Lighting Designer Martin Kinnane, Assistant Director Rebecca Blake and Stage Manager Alexandra Moon.

TUESDAY opened at The Belvoir Downstairs on Friday, 8th February, 2019 and runs until 23rd February, 2019. TUESDAY is highly recommended.