Truth- second

Who knew a stalwart newsman widely trusted by the American public as a genuine reporter of breaking news, as opposed to sensationalist ‘beat ups’, could come a cropper, clashing with the vested interests of his employer, a giant TV conglomerate?! That’s what happens when the popular press applies their fabulist searchlight on a lefty presidential hopeful, it’s hands off exposing the sure thing, a bankrolled, mainstream conservative, George W Bush.

Cate Blanchett, as brilliant as you’ll ever see her, supplies the stories to Robert Redford, in roles fleshed out and totally believable. There’s an odd and touching chemistry between them, sort of ‘born to lose’ punk The Waltons; the syrup tastes real.

For some reason this film was not picked up widely in America, as opposed to a smouldering Cate kissing a woman’s nipple in the film Carol creating a major buzz. Perhaps a new political landscape and the revelation of more dynastic political machinations back then was simply too much to swallow, (as opposed to that nipple,) in the face of the current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls, weirdos one and all.

Interestingly this was filmed locally and a fair few local actors feature to good effect, notably Noni Hazelhurst in a powerful cameo.