Triassic Parq @ The Reginald Theatre Seymour Centre

Triassic Parq-inset
Production photos by Michael Francis’Every Picture Tells A Story’, and this shot of the cast of TRIASSIC PARK vamping it up and gyrating around in outrageous costumes pretty much tells the story of this latest Squabbalogic production.

As Rod Stewart used to sing in his classic early days, ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ and this photo of the cast of TRIASSIC PARQ vamping it up, gyrating everywhere, and outrageously made up and dressed up pretty much tells the story of this latest Squabbalogic production.

TRIASSIC PARQ – lyrics and book by Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz and Steve Wargo with music by Marshall Pailet – is a rarely performed piece that premiered at the 2010 New York Independent Fringe Festival.    

The show is a  spoof-big time – on JURASSIC PARK, one of Steven Spielberg’s  giant grossing films. The angle is that the famous novel/film is retold from the perspective of the dinosaurs. The scenario features a clan of  genetically engineered female dinosaurs who are thrown into chaos when one of the female dinosaurs spontaneously turns male. 

We walk into the Reginald Theatre to be greeted by the eerie sounds of dinosaur life together with some very stormy weather. The small Reginald theatre is transformed into a miniature theme park with the obligatory electric fence.

Blake Erickson as Morgan Freeman, (he also plays the Velociraptor of Faith), kicks things off and then its basically mayhem from then on in. The cast – Keira Daley, Crystal  Hegedis, Rob Johnson, Adele Parkinson,  Monique Salle together with Blake, get to belt out some very rocky numbers as well as doing the most bizarre, twisted dinosaur movements. Mark Chamberlain plays the cool dude, back stage right, playing the piano/sound man, appropriately dubbed Pianosaurus!

The show features plenty of snappy, tongue in dialogue – in the song Science- ‘suck my brain … empirical feelings/ analyse and interpret’,  along with some risque songs, such as Dick Fix. 

What’s it all mean? There is a lighthearted look at gender politics amongst all the  fun .

I haven’t seen a show with so much energy for a while. Make your way to this theme park. It will rouse you out of winter slumber.

TRIASSIC PARQ is playing the Reginald theatre – that theatre downstairs – at the Seymour Centre until the 4th July.