The latest exhibition at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries is Kathryn McGovern’s FASHIONED FROM NATURE .

McGovern’s exhibition focuses on the interactions between animals and human beings sharing the planet. McGovern is based in Brisbane. In most of her work she concentrates on endangered species . McGovern’s anthropomorphic creations in watercolour, gouache and ink show the idea of the imposition of the human aesthetic of beauty on nature through artifice and intervention and simultaneously derive inspiration from the impact of fashion on the natural world – blending ecological awareness and fashion.

The works are exquisite , incredibly detailed and range in size , some small some quite large all beautifully presented. If you look closely you possibly see completely different things from if you are standing further back so the exhibition bears repeated viewing and you notice other things each time.

Accesorize shows a bear, wearing zebra socks, with foxes and rare blue birds ,

The Influencer is a very chic fashion model – a leopard with a snakeskin bag and zebra collar.
In Animal Instinct we see a zebra in a Victorian style gown with what appears to be huge puffed sleeves but are in fact large rare bird feathers .( See if you can spot the snakeskin design near the hem of the gown) .

In Fashion Victiim , a French poodle in a beautiful 18th century dress and fancy wig, can you spot the snakes and zebra designs included ?
Dressed to Kill with its curved , looping composition and zebra boots strides confidently towards the viewer but beware the guns !

The striking Die For Designer is also rather violent with the cattle skull and crossed guns.

In The Fashion Hunter we see a strong leopard in tiger stripes , zebra pants and crocodile boots off to hunt.

Spring Safari is at first glance cute and sweet – but look closer. The bear wearing a pink outfit is carrying not just a lapdog but guns , and a leopard is observing. Also note how the design of the walls and carpet depicted are broken and delineated by clips of bullets .

The Collector is a summery floral piece of an equine model out to collect butterflies.

Three small works inspired by ballet are included: The Beauty of the Beast , The Ballet and Two Faced. All three feature finely lavishly detailed tutus. The Beauty of the Beast depicts a werewolf in a pink skirted tutu ,fringed with green howling at the moon. The Ballet , with possible references to the ballet Still Life At The Penguin Café , shows a zebra , birds and other animals , while in Two Faced we spy a kangaroo and bluebirds.

Walking in Flora and Fauna depicts a tres chic leopard in black, with a parasol , bag and huge bouquet of flowers. The composition uses a strong diagonal line with the black dress and cornucopia of flowers.

The Darwin Dress comments on evolution as the design for the large nineteenth century dress includes skulls and ( presumably) extinct flora and fauna but also look for the melancholy raven , the hare , armadillo , spider , frog and seed pod .

The Fashionista is rather Erte like with its sinuous curve of the black dress and slithering snake , not forgetting the leopard.

When More is More has a furry, mysterious diva , in a black dress and feathery cloak holding a black mask .

A dynamic, absorbing exhibition.

Kathryn McGovern’s Fashioned from Nature runs at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries 5-26 July 2019

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