Two very contrasting artist’s works in this most exciting exhibition currently showing at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries.

Jenny Green’s QUADRIVIAL is her latest sculptures , where you can feel the weighty shapes and admire the cool, severe lines.

In medieval monastic education, the Quadrivium was the study of the big four – arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. In her show QUADRIVIAL, Jenny Green explores these four elements of the Quadrivium, experimenting with the interlocking of both positive and negative space and the interrelationship between solid and open form. Jenny takes tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids) and colour, line and curve to explore harmony, geometry, and the sky.

In the QUADRIVIAL series itself, all made of bronze , the interlocking shapes are solid and heavy yet at the same time appear to be floating . Quadrivial 8 has a reflective mirror underneath.
Vertex 1 and 2 are large stainless steel works. There is a sense of enclosed space yet simultaneously stretching and pushing against this.

In the music series, Crescendo, for example, is swirling, like a music stave. This is linked to other musically themed sculptures such as Impetuoso and Expressivo, also made of painted steel.

Tetrad 1 and 2 are made of stainless steel, larger than the others in the series , cool elegant and refined. Tetrad 5, painted steeL, is displayed on two different levels on the plinth . It is thrusting, vibrant and bold. Is it ascending or descending? You decide. Tetrad 9 swoops across our vision, demanding our attention while Tetrad 10 is a dynamic ,emphatic single pyramid.

Pierce’s work in her BOUQUET GARNI exhibition, by contrast, is bright , bold and often explosively colourful and very thickly textured.

‘Direct’ and ‘Attitude’ are two large digital photos , with wonderful patterns .In Direct , Pierce wears a turban and has heavily accented eyes like a 1930’s movie star boldly confronting the viewer.

The Thieved triptych with its spotted dotted glorious textured and expansive use of space is a protest about the destruction of our environment through deforestation. The feathers integrated into the works acknowledge and represent the homeless, disorientated , injured and now deceased , both human beings and wildlife. The limited colour palette and restricted medium signals the extent of devastating destruction and what is left is devoid of colour, diversity and life.

Some of Pierce’s trademark riotously vibrant and colourful , heavily textured paintings are also included . Butterfly Playground is enchanting .How many butterflies can you spot? Mapping A Course To Spring is a delicious flurry of petals. Tutti Frutti Pure Kitsch on Steroids is a large vertical painting, one of Pierce’s trademark style ice cream cone with flowers that descends down the wall to the floor with dripping petals . Polka features a red and white spotted background. Several small square flower paintings are included in the Tiger Lily series . The Daydreams and Daydreamer series of works are heavily textured and full of captivating flowers and butterflies.

Whatever Happened to Mr and Mrs Potato Head and Mrs Potato Head Goes to Town are two large childlike wide eyed vivid imaginary portraits with most effective use of line and colour. Mrs Potato Head wears large dangling floral earrings while Mr Potato Head has curly hair.

There is also political comment – Sinner-Saint Do Leopards Change Their Spots? is a bitingly ironic response to Malcolm Turnbull’s national apology to child sexual abuse victims.

Charters White Moon Floating is a stunning exquisitely textured and expressive response to the environmental devastation and mining at Charters Towers.

Pierce has also devised a series of assorted banner like scarves in various sizes available for purchase (an possible Christmas present)

The Traffic Jam Galleries current exhibition of Jenny Green ‘s QUADRIVIAL and Rebecca Pierce’s BOUQUET GARNI is on display at the Mosman gallery 7-28 November 2018