After a critically acclaimed season in Adelaide, TRADE is back at the Old 505.

TRADE is a fast paced, irreverent piece of physical theatre that delves into the world of fictional Hedge Fund Delta 1. Hurrah Hurrah have been developing TRADE since an initial residency in late 2014. It has been performed as part of the Old 505 Theatre (Sydney) Freshworks season and in development at Site and Sound Festival (Sydney). Initially inspired by the fall of French rogue Trader Jerome Kevel, Hurrah Hurrah have pulled apart the elements of his enormous descent, and reformed it into an exploration of the complicity of us all in the world we live in.                     With object play, grotesque physicality and an original score Hurrah Hurrah have devised a unique work, that amuses but ultimately asks: How responsible are you?

‘Hurrah Hurrah take us into the cocaine fuelled, hubristic world of big swinging dicks, except most of them are women. Having myself been a share broker at one time, I guarantee you they have nailed it…’  – The Barefoot Review.

‘Smart, physically crisp and drilled, cynically intelligent and funny, Hurrah Hurrah pulls it off’ – Kevin Jackson

Hurrah Hurrah presents TRADE from 4 to 15 April 2017.

Old 505 Theatre

5 Eliza Street, Newtown NSW 2042