I recently saw this wonderful comedy again, and it still works so well.
For those who don’t know the story Dustin Hoffman plays Michael Dorsey, an out of work New York actor.
Dorsey is so desperate to get a job that he dresses up as a woman and auditions for the role of Dorothy Michaels in a popular soap opera. Much to his surprise he wins the role, and he takes to the part and to his now double life with gusto.

This is a film with so many riches. The screenwriters seem to have come up with every possible comic outcome/ spin-off/ complication and they are all paid off superbly.
Dorsey’s flatmate ribs him for getting dressed in women’s clothing.
His male co-star in the sit-com, an older playboy type, tries to sleaze on to him.
Dorsey himself falls for the show’s beautiful young nurse ( a stunning looking Jessica Lange) and tries to work out how he can satisfy his desire!

With each fresh complication the comedy gets sharper! As does the films’ tension, with things inevitably having to come to a head as Dorsey has to pick his moment when he will come clean, and reveal his trickery and true identity.
The performances are exemplary. What a fine film this is! When you’re in the need for a fillip, a pick me up, then this is the kind of film that will sort you out!