Many fully understand that when intimate relationship breakups happen, the required magic word is NEXT. Not everyone does stupid things after a breakup, but the two ex-lovers Lara Lightfoot (Lauren Young) and Gideon Chase (Gil Balfas) both do and say, so very many things that are often shockingly funny and above all, extremely entertaining. Good relationships can outlive the previous sweetness, when besotted love, quickly turns into revenge hate. Each of the friends, has interesting relationships, not just the two ex-lovers. Unrequited unspoken love, commitment-phobia, affairs, cheating, one night stands, long lost former relationship mistakes to repair. Of special note is actor Tom Harwood, delicious and quirky, appearing on stage as five cleverly different characters, that progress the story arc.                




Sydney premiere of an Australian play, first performed in Melbourne in 2012. Lauren is a novelist, in the perfect committed intimate relationship, on the path towards happy ever after. On the same day, dumped by her boyfriend, and dropped by her literary agent. The only way that Lauren can get over Gideon, is to write a no holds barred relationship book about the “Things Not To Do After a Breakup”. Her supportive friends include, former boyband member Damian (Wayne Tunks), relationship-disaster-prone Kelly (Amy Victoria Brooks), nervous and excitable Sarina (Sareena Barnes) and Gideon’s best friend Jay (Tristan Lewis-Upton).

Surprisingly progressive look, at modern day relationships. All the cast of seven, give excellent performances, fully engaging their audiences with their tremendous collective energy. Try to imagine all the impossible things that both Lauren and Gideon might try. Destroy the ex’s favourite clothes, have sex with his/her best friends, try to be friends with the ex, seek revenge, indulge in extreme excesses, keep re-living the past, stalk the ex on social media, rush into another relationship, fall instantly in love/lust on each random date.

Discover precisely what NOT to do after each breakup, very fast paced comedy, perfectly timed and masterfully directed by Emma Louise, with the entire cast delivering perfect laughs, again and again. Recommended.

Writer/Producer: Wayne Tunks
Director: Emma Louise
Assistant Director: Erin Middleton
Lighting Designer: Louise Mason
Production stills by Bree Bain Photography

Starring: Gil Balfas, Serena Barnes, Amy Victoria Brooks, Tom Harwood, Tristan Lewis-Upton, Lara Lightfoot, Wayne Tunks.

TUNKS PRODUCTIONS presents THINGS NOT TO DO AFTER A BREAKUP by Wayne Tunks, from 30th May until 16th June 2018.

Performance times – 8pm Cheap Wednesdays, 8pm Thursdays, 8pm Fridays, and 2pm 8pm Saturdays.

Duration approximately 120 minutes, including one interval.

The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, with on-site free car parking.