This is the best production I have seen so far this year. Everything comes together so well, ‘conducted’ by the sublime direction of Neil Armfield.

Andrew Bovell’s play charts one year in the life of the Price family. The Prices aren’t from the top end of town, but they aren’t battlers either. Bob and Fran have brought up four children and kept their sense of humour.

For Bob and Fran it should be the time they can stop and smell the roses which Bob has spent so much time planting and nurturing. This doesn’t happen though because their four kids have reached young adulthood and gone off on unexpected tangents which impact the whole family.

I don’t want to put spoilers in this review so I am not going to detail what these tangents are. Experience it for yourself and be swept along by this finely crafted drama.

All six performances are authentic and memorable. As husband and wife, Tony Martin and Helen Thomson made very credible and loving parents. Miranda Daughtry, Tom Hobbs, Matt Levett and Anna Lisa Phillips played the four loving and wayward siblings.

Production values are all strong – Stephen Curtis’ sparse set, Tess Schofield’s costumes, Damien Cooper’s lighting, Alan John’s edgy soundscape and Steve Francis’ sound design.

This much I know to be true and that is that this is a very authentic production. Go see!

THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE is playing upstairs at Belvoir Street until Sunday 21 July, 2019.

Featured image- Tony Martin and Tom Hobbs in ‘Things I know to be True’ upstairs at Belvoir Street