Theatre  Time Sydney has been around for a long time as a group for people who enjoy going to live theatre events. They are a passionate  group of theatre lovers.

Now the group has gone one step further and is funding its first production through a grant from Northern beaches Council.  The play is  ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ featuring an intertwining storyline and has been written by Australian playwright Emma Willis. The two tales intertwine as the playwright’s wife struggles with her bitterness at her husband’s cruelties. Although set in 1950s, the play’s themes reflect today’s issues and absurdities.

The play is.being directed by Roz Riley of the Factory Space Theatre Company.

The venue is Humph Hall 85 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights. Humph Hall is a church that has been converted into a community theatre.

The first rehearsal has taken place and things are on  track for the two show performances on Sunday August 23 at 3pm and
Saturday August 29th at 7.30pm. There will be a small audience attending the performances. As well the performances will be live streamed with four cameras being used to film the event. The price for a ticket is $20.

Theatre Time Sydney organisers Bryon and Maggy are keen for anyone interested in attending the show, to become a member of the Theatre Time Sydney group at Here is the link – – –

Here is the booking link to see ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ –