Photographer Jenna Schroder

THE VAGABOND introduces sophisticated classical songs and musical ideas through an accessible pantomime story structure, with lots of interactivity, that encourages children to engage with classical songs and see this genre as something fun, rather than boring.

This is a gap that has yet to be bridged in the Australian kids show landscape and we hope to, through this production, nurture Australia’s next generation of classical musicians as well as classical music audiences.

The Vagabond is searching for something just out of reach; a Green Dog. Too afraid to follow the Green Dog into the dangerous forest of Erlking, The Vagabond is lucky enough to meet Adam – a brave man on a quest to find the field of daisies where the Nymph, Vilja is waiting for him. The Vagabond and Adam must journey through the forest and overcome their fears, with the help of the audience and some friends they meet along the way, in order to achieve their goals.

With Art Song classics such as Vaughan WilliamsThe Vagabond, Franz Schubert’s Die Forelle and The Erlking this show is a treat for children and adults (both uninitiated in the genre and classical music connoisseurs).

Foster a child’s love of classical music with this world first interactive production that uses Art Song to tell the story of the Vagabond and the Nymph, both searching for something just out of reach. Will they find what they’re looking for? Only the audience can make sure they do!

This is a relaxed performance.

THE VAGABOND: ART SONG FOR KIDS [Facebook Event] plays as part of the Sydney Fringe 22nd and 23rd of September at 1pm.