Featured image – Warren Ekermans as Bill, Brian May as Tom, and Michael Curnick as Bert

During the rough and tumble of childhood, most of us can recall a responsible adult saying something along the lines of “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” Usually this ends in a scratch or two, or maybe a bruise. But in the Sutherland Theatre Company’s latest production, the consequences of an innocent rough and tumble between a married couple results in something a lot more serious – and hilarity ensues.

Tom and Annabel are a reasonably happy married couple. One evening they have an argument as to who loves the other most. A rough and tumble follows, and Tom discovers to his horror that Annabel is dead.

So starts a hectic evening of black farce which also involves Tom’s policeman friend and his literary agent. It seems no woman can enter the house without rapidly becoming deceased. Annabel’s mother and Tom’s appalling landlady follow and disposal of bodies becomes an acute problem. The arrival of a grim police inspector complicates matters until a further corpse involves him too. The hysterical ending finds the stage littered with female corpses, frantic males and a potential fifth victim banging on the door.

Ryton’s farcical comedy features a bucket load of physical comedy and the challenge of choreographing action scenes between the performers. Director Colleen Boyle was drawn to the play’s zany spontaneity.

“This story is so funny and chaotic, and you never know what the characters are going to do next. All of the male characters are so foolish in their own individual ways and as a team they are completely inept. The way in which they respond to the calamities that befall the women in the show is so ridiculous and humorous.”

The cast of eight features several stalwarts of the Sutherland Theatre Company stage, as well as a number of new faces.

“It has been a challenge as we have several acting newcomers working with our experienced actors, and there is so much physical comedy and choreography of action involved, but they are all having fun and managing the challenge very well,” says Boyle.

THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH features a cast of experienced local performers including Brian May, Michael Curnick, Warren Eckermans, Chris Andrews, Lisa-Rae Clark, Judith Rumsey, Carlene Bath and Isa East.

The show will play the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts from November 10 – 19.

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Performance times :-
Friday 10 November @ 8pm Saturday 11 November @ 2pm Sunday 12 November @ 2pm Thursday 16 November @ 8pm Friday 17 November @ 8pm Saturday 18 November @ 8pm Sunday 19 November @ 2pm

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