THE TAP PACK hits the mark

Fred Astaire reportedly said:- “Do it big, do it right and do it with style.” He also said: “I just put my feet in the air and move them around.” The guys last night, the Tap Pack, were guilty on both counts.

The dancing was terrific, the banter was, in the main, was very good. And any quips that were a little corny were in the style of the Rat Pack that the show was not a tribute to!

There were slight standout turns from Jesse Rasmussen, Dion Bilios and Thomas J Egan but you got the feeling that any one of the five could have ‘handled’ (“I got this.”) any of the routines. The solo songs from the other two performers also stopped the show.
My only criticism was that the early harmonies could have used drilling or perhaps a little vocal coaching and that the band needed to ‘go for it’ a little more in their number. I also thought the show could have gone longer with perhaps a slightly less abrupt denouement and finale but that’s surely an endorsement of the quality of the entertainment all round.

I was also surprised at the difference in the cast when they finally came out into the foyer. My impression was of a larger group which speaks volumes for their stage presence and filling the space!

Well done. This show deserved a longer run!

THE TAP PACK is only playing for 3 performances, two performances yesterday and a final performance tonight at at 7.30pm at the Parramatta Riverside.

© Allan Chapple

23rd March, 2013

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