The Rocks Windmill Festival

CostaAn iconic symbol of early Sydney, the Rocks Windmill opens its doors to host a variety of events until 12th May.

Speaking at the opening on 12th April, the CEO of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Catherine Gallagher explained the Rocks was once full of windmills. These buildings not only served to supply grain, but were used as theatres and meeting places.

The Rocks Windmill project promotes discovery of the history of this area through a series of engaging and thought provoking cultural events.

Other speakers on opening night included celebrity gardener Costa Geor, who described the new spelt wheat gardens in the square, as well as designers Joey Ruigrok Van Der Werven and Paul Gazzola. Guests had an opportunity to listen to live music and DJ sets from the likes of ‘Heaps Decent’ while exploring the Windmill and its surrounds. Highlights of the evening were the exhibition on the windmill’s design and all night storytelling from Penguin Plays Rough, providing a welcome taste of things to come.

The Windmill will host a range of talks, exhibitions, performance and more, as well as the chance to grind your own souvenir bag of flour. Most events are free but filling fast. The full program and booking information is available on

THE ROCKS WINDMILL FESTIVAL- a month of workshops, performances, film, music and more runs until 12th May, 2013

© Suzanne Rath