The Rocks Pop-Up Project- The Seagull

Production photos by Adam North
Production photos by Adam North

As part of this year’s Rock’s Pop-Up Project, Hurrah Hurrah and the Hot Blooded Theatre Company are presenting a ¬†production of the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL- adaption by Peter Carson- at an unused shop within the main Rocks area.

This was a marvelous piece of chamber theatre which the small audience- some twenty people- enjoyed greatly. All the nuances of Chekhov’s wonderful text came through as the cast weaved the way around the audience.

Chekhov’s story is a very poignant tale of a group of friends and family who struggle with their daily lives, their relationships, and the dreams that they want to fulfill.

The production, entitled Experiments in Text Two, went for two hours with an interval two thirds the way through.

The cast of ten performed beautifully.  The leads were excellent: Daniel Csutkai as Konstantin Gavrolovich Treplyov, Alison Bennett as Irina Nikolayeva, Jade Alex as NinaZarechnaya, and Milan Pulvermacher as Boris Trigorin.

The production flowed seamlessly. Props were used, brought out by the works, but kept to a minimum. Taylor Allen’s lighting design was effective and atmospheric. Particular mention must be made of the excellent period costumes worn by the cast which did so much to embellish character.

Well worth catching, THE SEAGULL is playing Shop 2.03, 140 George Street, the Rocks on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th March at 7,30pm. All tickets are $28. Bookings