Boy From Oz- second

This Regals Musical Society revival, featuring a cast and crew of over 50, is a knockout.

The staging and production values are strong- headed by Julian Batchelor– director, Peter Sampson– Musical Director (of a fine orchestra situated at the back of the stage), and Tracey Rasmussen as Choreographer.

Everyone in the large cast can hold their head up high. Timothy Langan impressed as Peter Allen giving a very relaxed, confident performance. He captures the the spirit of Allen. If there is such a species as a born entertainer then surely Allen fits the description.

I loved that scene close to the end when over the show’s PA system it is announced that Allen has died in hospital. Langan as Allen is centre stage and says to the audience- enough of that…let’s get on with the music.

By the time the audience finally get to hear Allen’s signature tune – I Go To Rio – they are well and truly lapping it. The hall ‘went off’, with good reason. The energy and the dancing on stage was something to savour.

All the show’s key players were excellent- Hayley Newman, Hannah Barn and Renee Bechara as the Rockettes trio, Stacey Wilson and Stephanie McKenna gave touching performance as Judy and Liza, (the rendition of Allen’s tribute to Judy Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On Stage– was a stand-out), Annette Vitetta gave a fine performance as Pete’s ever loving mum Marion, Harry Herbert demonstrated that he is a young talent to look out for, and Murray Stanton was suitably frightening and appalling as Pete’s abusive, alcoholic father.

Recommended, the Regals Musical Society production of THE BOY FROM OZ- music and lyrics by Peter Allen, book by Nick Enright – is playing one more week at Rockdale Town Hall, 448 Princess Highway, Rockdale.

Remaining show times are Wednesday 11th May at 8pm- all tickets $29,  Friday 13th May at 8pm, and Saturday 14th May at 2pm and 8pm.