It’s on. It’s been called. May 18 we go to the polls for a Federal Election, the main event stoush between ScoMo and BilSho and you won’t want to be without the inadmissible highly risible OFFICIAL GUIDE TO ELECTION 2019.
Created by The Chaser Quarterly and The Shove, OFFICIAL GUIDE TO ELECTION 2019 is a truth telling title like no other. Succinct. Unpretentious. Telling it like it is. Calling the Scots, Shorten the odds with this comprehensive piss-take on a federal shit-fight.
Written by The Chaser Quarterly’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel, with contributions from Australia’s best comedy writers, it’s the definitive guide to the disaster that is Australian politics – just in time for the May election.

Including profiles of all 150 federal electorates (yes, they actually researched every single fucking one), an analysis on where the leaders stand on the key issues, and a handy step-by-step guide for drawing a cock and balls on your ballot paper, it’s the only book voters will need to fully misinform themselves.

The 100-page guide includes explainers about all the major themes in the election, including:
The Top 5 Prime Ministers of the Past 3 years
How It All Falls Apart: Labor’s plan for the first 100 days
A complete guide to our favourite National Party sex scandals so far this year
An overview of Australia’s micro parties (including Bill Shorten’s 21st birthday)
A handy Liberal Party Application Form for “Females”

Plus in-depth features:
Know your electorate. All the other guides will tell you the swings and demographics of the seats. Only The Official* 2019 Election Guide tells you which electorate has the most criminals (yep, it’s Wentworth).
Commentary from your favourite columnists: Andrew Bolt on why the obvious choice this election is Tony Abbott, Peter Credlin on why things were better when she was PM and The Guardian on why your election-night guacamole dip is not as ethical as you might think.
Quiz: Are You A One Nation MP? With all the comings and goings in One Nation, it’s hard to keep track of whether you’re a One Nation MP or not. Take our special quiz, and find out!

Last longer, feel more satisfied, this book will help you maintain an election for five weeks guaranteed.
But wait there’s more

The Chaser Quarterly & The Shovel Present:
It’s been more than 100 days since we had a new Prime Minister. Thank God the federal election is here!

The upcoming federal election promises to be full of suspense. Who will be the Liberal leader by then? How will Labor squander its unassailable lead? Will there be any National Party MPs not embroiled in sex scandals? What was the name of the Greens leader again?

Staged in the ‘National Tallyroom’, join Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel), and Australia’s best television satirists, Mark Humphries (ABC-TV 7:30), Victoria Zerbst (SBS-TV The Feed) and Jenna Owen (SBS-TV The Feed) as they create all the drama of an election coverage live on stage, with none of the boring speeches.

Friday 26th April: Melbourne Alex Theatre, St Kilda
Saturday 27th April: Perth Astor Theatre
Friday 3rd May: Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre
Saturday 4th May: Canberra Playhouse
Thursday 9th May: Sydney Factory Theatre
Friday 10th May: Sydney Factory Theatre