Welcomé to the Cabaret  – as they say! – where the GPS is broken and we U-turn and turn-u around a roundabout until you see the stars.

THE LOST LOST CABARET is a stupidly sparkling,  alt-comedy experience. The Mistress of Ceremonies guides you down a madcap boulevard, where wild and jolly idiots try to find the answers to the universe.

Emceed by a different out-there character each month, acts might include music or burlesque, magic or clown – anything that falls under the very broad “alt-comedy” umbrella.

You are invited to grab a drink, a snack and a seat – you can ride up front, back seat drive, or there’s plenty of room in the boot of our Cabaret.

The members of the Lost Lost Players, together with acts from around the alt comedy scene, will take you on a tour to Nowheresville, loop-de-loop and release you, giddy, into the night sky.

The Lost Lost Cabaret is a little sister to London’s The Lost Cabaret.

28/6/19 | 26/7/19 | 30/8/19 | 27/9/19 | 25/10/19 – last Friday of the month at the Forrester Hotel, 336 Riley Street, Surry Hills.

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