16th Street Actors Studio
Observe and Learn from this Master Teacher….

This April, Larry Moss will be working with professional Australian actors on plays from some of the worlds greatest playwrights.

Larry Moss has made an indelible impact on the artistic lives of Australian actors. His love of great writing and his commitment to revealing the writers meaning has inspired thousands of actors around the world to rise to the occasion and serve the story.

Larry’s passion and ability to inspire makes him one of the greatest acting teachers of all time.

Audit this Masterclass
Auditing is an active process of observing and learning. It is commonplace in studios across the United States. You have the opportunity to learn and deepen your understanding about the craft of acting and technique. In this Masterclass you will be exposed to the work of great writers. You will watch Larry work with talented and experienced actors. Through his process of work actors reach a level of excellence.

Limited auditing seats available.

SYDNEY DATES: April 13th – 16th
SYDNEY LOCATION: The Bondi Pavilion, Bondi
TIMES: 9AM – 5PM (finish times may vary)
TICKET PRICE: $130 per day OR $470 for all 4 days

13th – 15th April. 9am to 5pm every day.

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