This was a great family show perfect for this time of year and a great, night in the theatre.  There is so much to enjoy. One is constantly astonished. The main discussion point after the show is- how did they do such and such, and of-course it does one’s head in trying to figure things out!

There was plenty of sharp repartee through the night. Some examples- ‘There’s no need to read everyone’s mind. There’s Facebook’…’I can’t touch you all. I’m not Adele’s music.’

Many of the routines saw audience members being picked out and brought up on stage which was a huge, fun part of the show.  Their reactions were priceless. Kevin James aka the Inventor brought up a band of young kids onto the stage to join him and  out of  tissue paper made a magical snowball effect which had the kids enthralled.

Jeff Hobson aka The Trickster had a young woman in stitches on stage as she tried to get one of his simple tricks right; an egg in a bag disappears and then returns.

Chris Cox aka The Mentalist brings a young woman on stage and predicts the word she has in her mind and the clothes she will choose from a rack on stage. Cox’s acts are fascinating.

Jonathon Goodwin’s daredevil acts are intrepid.  The acts are great examples of escape artistry.  He is wrapped in a straitjacket and then balls of fire sound him and he is given precious little time to get himself out of the straitjacket before he will be engulfed in flames. Spine chilling stuff.

There are plenty of disappearing tricks which leave one perplexed. A woman. Jinger Lee aka the Conjuress is put in a barrel that is set alight and then shortly after we see her reappear in the audience.

An Ha Lim’s aka the Manipulator’s card tricks are stunning, showing a great deal of skill and dexterity.

Really there is something for everyone to enjoy in this show. Highly recommended, THE ILLUSIONISTS : DIRECT FROM BROADWAY is well worth a visit playing at the Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House.