I live in an area close to where the Global Table is held annually in May.

This is the first time in its 14 year history that I have attended it albeit with insufficient time.

Waverley Council believes that music and food bring together diverse groups of people thereby fostering harmony and tolerance.

Situated under a very large marquee, the Global Table itself a 35 metre long table lined by stalls from many countries around the world..

Forming almost a ‘T’ intersection to the Table is a performance stage where people performing dancing or music express their ethnic culture all in clear view of the contented diners and other passers by in the Bondi Junction mall.

In the time that I was there  I saw an exhibition of Middle Eastern bellydancing as well as  a performance by an Indonesian song and dance troupe. I would have liked to linger longer but I had errands to do in a limited time.

As a result of what I witnessed I will make sure that this is not my last Global Table visit.

Pics by Ben Apfelbaum