Time for another visit to the video store! This time I picked up Randa Haines’s film ‘The Doctor’ starring William Hurt, Christine Lahiti and Elizabeth Perkins. It was another good choice.

‘The Doctor’ is an old film now, having been made in 1991.

The film is about a classic case of role reveral. William Hurt plays Dr Jack MacKee, a brilliant surgeon who maintains a terribly conscending manner to his patients. His life is dramatically turned around when he falls sick and is diagnosed with throat cancer. Literally from one day the next he has to take his line in the hospital that he has worked in as a patient. The film shows the journey of McKee having to learn to see the world with much more compassionate eyes.

What ‘The Doctor’ is is a very strong drama. McKee’s journey of self discovery engages from beginning to end. It is as if he has to relearn his humanity.

‘The Doctor’ is two love stories. McKee falls in love with a beautiful young patient June Ellis who is dying of cancer. They share a deep, spiritual understanding. At other times McKee is trying to salvage his long time marriage to Anne.

‘The Doctor’ features one awesome performance with Elizabeth Perkins playing June Ellis. She steals the screen in her portrayal of her beautiful, feisty character. One scene, in particular, stays in mind. This is the scene when she and Jack are talking in the hospital waiting room and June is annoyed by some of Jack’s comments. She snarls at him, ‘please don’t waste my time’. You know that for sure she means it! June is certainly not the kind of character to be messed around with!

I guess that’s enough of a preview. You won’t be disapointed choosing this film if this kind of drama appeals to you.