I loved this show. Like the best theatre it was as if I was cast under a spell in the intimate space that is the Old Fitz.

We are transported to the going on in Inishmaan, a small country town in Ireland. It’s a sleepy old town where nothing much happens, kind of like Porpoise Spit in Muriel’s Wedding, There are the two women who run a small corner shop which everyone visits. My favourite character is an old guy who is the town gossip, who comes in all the time telling them the latest news. Most of his news items are plain dead boring and the women tease him about it. 

Then one day the guy bursts through the door with some news that is actually newsworthy. An American film company are coming to the town to shoot a film. Here is a chance for a bit of fame. Who had the nerve to say that no-one wants to know about Inishmaan?!Of all the locals the this news mean the most  to young Billy. Teased by all the locals because of his disability and his quiet ways Billy tries out to get a small part in the production. He succeeds much to the amazement of everyone. 

I won’t say any more about the plot. It will spoil your enjoyment of the piece. Just prepared to be captivated by this production.  

Claudia Barrie directs a powerful ensemble cast featuring in the lead William Rees as Billy, the Cripple of Inishmaan and including  Josh Anderson, Sarah AubreyLaurence Coy, Jude Gibson, John Harding, Alex Bryant-Smith and Jane Watt,

Recommended, THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN is playing the OldFitzroy Theatre until Saturday August 10, 2019. Running time is 120 minutes including one interval.