Arguably, the best Canadian Irish co production animated musical featuring a burger in a bikini, that’s THE BOB’S BURGER MOVIE, a feature film based on a popular animated television series.

I confess, I have never seen the tv series but that did not seem to impede my enjoyment of this highly amusing story of sink holes, skin flints, and sesame seed buns.

It’s a fair bet if you like The Simpsons you’ll appreciate THE BOB’S BURGER MOVIE which features the Belcher Family, cartoon cousins to the Simpsons, and a retinue not that far removed from good burghers of Springfield.

In the beginning of THE BOB’S BURGER MOVIE, Bob is having an existential crisis needing to apply for a bank loan. He is building a special burger as a bribe for the bank manager. Too bad the financier is not a meat eater.

To add to their woes, a massive sink hole opens up right in front of their shop so desperately needed foot traffic is diverted and desperate alternative marketing plans must be instigated, which has Bob’s bride dress up like a burger in a bikini.

Meanwhile, as their money pot thins, the movie’s plot thickens as a skeleton is found at the bottom of the sink hole, the remains of a homicide victim reputed to be a carnival worker who was employed at the local amusement park which is owned by the landlord of Bob’s burger joint.

A rich narrative with droll and dazzling dialogue, quirky characters that are extremely well drawn, excellent voice work, including characterisations from Kevin Kline and Zach Galifianakis, and a pace that never flags, THE BOB’S BURGER MOVIE provides real fun between the buns, beefed up wackiness and a moral that the family that works together can get out of any pickle.