Rehearsal photos: Brett Boardman

Winner of the Judges’ Award in the prestigious Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting (UK), Australian playwright Kendall Feaver’s THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES is  a profound and unflinching look at mental health and the medication of children.

Following a critically-acclaimed UK season, Lee Lewis directs Hannah Waterman, Brenna Harding, Shiv Palekar and the legendary Penny Cook in the Australian premiere of this honest take on the difficult choices you make in your child’s best interests, and what happens when you no longer have a say.

Anna has been medicated for a range of mood and behavioural disorders for as long as she can remember. Now she wants to know what life would be like without pills and prescriptions. Can she return to being the child she once was? Or have the drugs altered her brain? 
As Anna tries to find out who she really is, her mother, Renee, remains determined to protect her. She can’t bear to watch her daughter go through the anguish all over again, to throw it all away for a personal experiment—but Anna’s treatment is no longer her decision.

For director Lee Lewis “this is an extraordinary and passionate piece of writing. Kendall collides humour with heartbreak, rage with empathy and big questions with vivid character portraits to keep shifting our sympathies and to uncover the complexity of mental health problems among young people.” She adds “The Almighty Sometimes guarantees Kendall Feaver a place as one of our next great writers.”

THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES from Griffin Theatre Company [Facebook] will play at the SBW Stables Theatre  from 27 July to 8 September.