THE BEAUTY OF 8, Taikoz contrasts masculine and feminine, extrovert and introvert, tradition and innovation. ‘The Beauty of 8’ refers to the mesmerising shapes and movements that are synonymous with the flamboyant yokouchi (side-on) style of taiko playing. The result is a spectacular combination of infectious rhythms, soaring melodies, lavish costumes and huge drums.

Joining Taikoz for THE BEAUTY OF 8 is special guest artist, direct from Japan, Chieko Kojima, who is a Distinguished Member of KODO, one of the world’s leading taiko ensembles. Trained as a dancer, Kojima seamlessly combines her love of movement, sound and rhythm into an exquisite performance that effortlessly crosses between dance and music.

 With new music composed by Taikoz,  THE BEAUTY OF 8 should be a spectacular collaboration that highlights the artists’ inner intensity, beauty of expression and synchronicity of sound and movement.

Highlighting the immersive qualities of the Japanese taiko the show will be on at the Joan on July 20th and NIDA on July 27th.