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‘Long Story Short’. Pic Brook Rushton

STUDIOCANAL will be releasing the Australian romantic  comedy ‘Long Story Short’ starring Rafe Spall and Zahra Newman on February 11 just in time for Valentines Day

Serial procrastinator Teddy (RAFE SPALL) thinks he has all the time in the world, but after an odd encounter with a stranger (NONI HAZLEHURST), he wakes up the morning after his wedding to discover that he’s jumped forward a year in his life to his first anniversary. His wife Leanne (ZAHRA NEWMAN) is now heavily pregnant, with a full year of marriage behind them that he doesn’t remember living.

Trapped in a cycle of time jumps, transported another year ahead every few minutes, Teddy is faced with a race against time as his life crumbles around him. With the help of his best friend Sam (RONNY CHIENG), Teddy tries to piece together where it all went wrong and, as his life flashes before his eyes, Teddy must learn how to live life in the precious moment to win back the woman he loves, even if it’s just for a second.

For a chance to attend an exclusive advance screening on Monday, 8 February – Event Cinemas George Street at 6.30pm, email the Editor on editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with ‘Long Story Short’ Promotion in the subject heading and your postal address in the body of your email.

Watch the Trailer Here

For more information, visit the website – www.longstoryshortmovie.com.au


Featured image : Rafa Spall and Zahra Newman in ‘Long Story Short’. Pic Brook Rushton


In Tennessee Williams CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Big Daddy is dying but he doesn’t know it yet. It is his birthday. Big Mama is in the dark. Brick is at the bottom of a  bottle. But Brick’s wife Maggie is alive, desperately alive, and dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof. We meet the fabled family when lies are rife, tensions are boiling over and their future is at stake.

Kip Williams production serves Williams’ epic drama well. He leads a great creative team who dynamically set up the world for the actors to work in, and they respond by giving strong  performances.

Hugo Weaving has a darkly masculine energy as the formidable, imposing Big Daddy. Weaving makes his first appearance at the  very tail of Act 1. Big Daddy is the patriarch of the family who everyone lies in fear of. He has had a health scare and thought that his reign might be over but the results seem to be positive so he is back being the boss again. The main thing that he wants is to get Brick’s (his favourite son) life back on track again. Big Daddy and Brick have one hell of an extended, prolonged scene together with sparks flying back and forth. Continue reading CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF : SEARING DRAMA @ ROSLYN PACKER THEATRE


We had the opportunity to interview the delightful Zahra Newman  during a day off from her one-woman extravaganza at Downstairs Belvoir, in the current production of random.

Zahra has just finished months on stage as Nabulongi, the female lead in Book of Mormon and now turns her incredible gifts to playing 17 different characters in random. She is directed by the highly respected Leticia Caseres.

SAG:    Thank you for taking time out of an exhausting production.  Can I start with the origins? I love the work of your director, Leticia Càceres, ‘Barbara and the Camp Dogs’ is up with my all-time faves.  Was that part of the draw towards this piece, the collaborative nature of that director/ artist relationship?

ZAHRA:              Leticia and I did this work together 8 years ago and we knew even then that we wanted to do it again. We have a really great working relationship and probably what I enjoy most about it is that we’re not afraid to challenge each other or disagree. I think ultimately it makes us better artists because we have to fight really hard for our ideas! Continue reading random: INTERVIEW WITH PERFORMER ZAHRA NEWMAN

Love and Information @ Wharf 1 Sydney Theatre Company

Inset pic- Alison Whyte and Anthony Toufe. Featured pic- Harry Greenwood in Caryl Churchill’s LOVE AND INFORMATION. Production photography by Pia Johnson

Caryl Churchill’s play LOVE and INFORMATION begins with a secret.

Love to know the Information whispered but judging from the reaction from the recipient it was remarkable. And remarkable is an apt description of this play and this production of it.

Eight actors playing a myriad of different characters in a series of scenes, some microscopic, one silent as semaphore (literally), some the equivalent of a theatrical sound bite, most are tete a tetes. Continue reading Love and Information @ Wharf 1 Sydney Theatre Company