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Production images: Robert Catto

There must be a temptation to use real product on the set of PERMISSION TO SPIN from Apocalypse Theatre Company in association with Red Line Productions.  This is a manic 65 minutes and whatever hurtles the three person cast through it must be illegal.  And I want some!

In a shiny yet nondescript office we meet Martin and Jim.  Jim is the agent for recording phenomenon, Cristobel, whose music is about to win Children’s Album of the Year.  The reason that Cristobel is going to win the aforesaid award is down to the spin skills of Martin who has made her character, Miss Polkadot a household (read happy meal figurine) name.  His methods are obvious.  He brings the menace down on poor, coked up, manic Jim.  Cristobel on the other hand has been mouseily manipulated by this harrying double act but is on the roar to becoming her own person.  Consuming will happen, bullying will occur and disorder will ensue.  Continue reading PERMISSION TO SPIN: THE MOUSE, THE MANIAC AND THE MENACE


Harry Greenwood(Joe) and Alice(Sarah Peirse). Pic Lisa Tomasetti

FURY, the new play at Sydney Theatre Company’s (STC) Wharf 1 Theatre, is a new work by prominent Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith. The STC’s Artistic Director Andrew Upton commissioned the play from Murray-Smith, with the proviso being that it be a family drama.

In her Writer’s Note for the program, Murray-Smith revealed something of her creative process. ‘My starting point was the question- How do the children of radicals define themselves against the backdrop of their parents’ ideological convictions?’.

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