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This is the latest joyous, astonishing collaboration, their third,  between the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Circa that had the audience in raptures. Don’t miss it. The audience did not want to breathe or blink in case they missed something.

It is an inspired pastiche by Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz, with music from 16th and 17th-century England and featuring the beautiful voices of sopranos Jane Sheldon and Lauren Stephenson.

The set design by Yaron LifschitzLibby McDonnell and Richard Clarke is inspired by the idea of a clipped formal garden at a stately 17th-century mansion : a green covered area represents the manicured lawn .The middle area has tumbling mats , there is a large blank screen at the back used for projections and a huge hoop. Various sized white plinths (which also become props) are included and the Circa cast are carried on as statues hidden under drapes. Peter Rubie’s lighting design is dramatic and atmospheric.

It is perhaps, sort of like A Midsummer Night’s Dream – our Titania being Jane Sheldon who magically brings the statues ‘alive’. Sheldon appears in a striking red and black gown that includes a floral design. The Circa cast are costumed in silvery grey costumes that ripple in the light. Continue reading AUSTRALIAN BRANDENBURG ORCHESTRA AND CIRCA :  ENGLISH BAROQUE @ CITY RECITAL HALL



I bet I can climb that 16-foot ladder with no hands…I dare you to scale to the top of that stack of containers and handstand on the edge…How many people do you think we can fit in that box?

If a contortionist, a strongman, a hand balancer and three other unencumbered circus folk became trapped in a warehouse, I imagine LANDSCAPE WITH MONSTERS is what it would look like.

Each show is an experience unto itself, as the company is a leader in contemporary circus theatre and constantly conceives shows that extend well beyond the bounds of traditional circus practice. Continue reading MERRIGONG THEATRE COMPANY and CIRCA PRESENT ‘LANDSCAPE WITH MONSTERS’ @ IPAC


What Will Have Been- Jamie Williams
Production photography by Jamie Williams

Since 2004 Circa has been creating powerful works of circus art that blur the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus. Under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz the dynamic trio of two male and one female acrobat use everything at their disposal – trapeze, aerial ropes, balance poles and each other’s bodies – to thrill and astound the audience.

Live violinist Rebecca Seymour plays Bach amongst a soundtrack of electronica. The three performers are perfectly in tune with each other’s bodies as the music surrounds and enfolds them and us from the very start to their final embrace. Continue reading WHAT WILL HAVE BEEN @ THE MAGIC MIRRORS SPIEGELTENT

‘S’ by Circa

One of the spectacular moves performed by Circa at the Riverside

‘S’ by Circa from Brisbane is Sinuous and Surprising for starters. It combines elements of circus work, dance and physical theatre that are mesmerizing.

The Helpmann –award winning show is based on the shape and sound of all sorts of words using the letter ‘S’ including for example ‘Sleep. Snore. Surge. Stretch. Strength. Stability. Song. Soprano. Sinuous. Shadows. Symphony. Spiral. Space. Share. Suspend. Support. Slip. Seamless. Syncopated. Somersault.Spin.Spring. Struggle. Sway. Sizzle. Sound. Strain. Skip. Stacked. Swoop. Swing. Scary. Squish. Solitary. Swivel. Spin. Shimmer. Stamina. Supple. Storm. Survival. Serene. Silhouette. Spotlight. Sinew. Spine. Sweat. Sound. Smile. Strange. Schoolyard. Splash. Spill. Smooth. Straight. Strong.’

Continue reading ‘S’ by Circa