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A Night of Play is currently presenting the Australian premiere production of BULLY BOY by playwright Sandi Toksvig. BULLY BOY embodies all the brutal reality and tragedy of a soldier’s life under investigation for committing murder on the battlefield in Afghanistan, by killing an enemy combatant, an eight year old boy carrying a grenade. Jaymie Knight is Major Oscar Hadley, the army investigator. Patrick Cullen is Private Eddie Clark, the frontline soldier, a member of the battlefield team known as THE BULLY BOYS.

Truth is never a part of a wartime murder investigation, and the army investigator is not at anytime interested in serving the truth. History is always re-written by the winners to mirror the required point of view. As expected the army has already decided that Private Eddie Clark is guilty, and has to be the scapegoat. The damage done to all sides is very evident, war is hell, and in modern warfare, all ethical standards disappear. Continue reading BULLY BOY @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE KINGS CROSS