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WOLF LULLABY from Blackout Theatre Company has sadly finished its run but the quality of, and the work that has gone into, the production is one of the reasons why I am such a champion of this community theatre.  This production was very thoughtfully constructed and acted, it brought a good sense of mystery and the themes were explored at no expense of the story.   Just all round good theatre-going.

Written by Hilary Bell, WOLF LULLABY has a complex theme at its heart, are children capable of evil? In a small Tasmanian town, we meet 9 year old Lizzie who is obviously naughty and over active.  It is after school and she is hanging out at her mother’s hairdressing salon, being annoying when Angela is giving a cut to Warren who is Lizzie’s dad.  Though the parents are divorced they appear to remain on good terms.  The only other character is Sergeant Ray Armstrong, the local copper and it falls to him to investigate the murder of a two and a half year old who is found in one of the local kids’ hangout.  Lizzie, who has nightmares about a wolf, may be implicated in the toddler’s death. Continue reading WOLF LULLABY: BLACKOUT THEATRE’S USUAL HIGH QUALITY

Wolf Lullaby

Peter McAllum as Sgt Armstrong interrogates disturbed teenager Lizzie charged with murder in Hilary Bell’s WOLF LULLABY. Pic Bob Seary

WOLF LULLABY by Hillary Bell considers the themes of parental guilt and responsibility and the nature of evil in children.

In this powerful and emotional play there are no winners, just hard choices each with its own dire consequences.

The play opens in a small Tasmanian country town where nine year old Lizzie’s parents, Warren and Angela, are preparing Christmas celebrations. Lizzie is arrested for shoplifting, later a little child is murdered and suspicion falls on her. Continue reading Wolf Lullaby