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This image: Jack Runwald as Timmy                                                                                                                              Featured image: Megan Drury as Amy

There’s a very ominous opening to THE SCHOOL and the first big scare is just a few seconds in.  A woman emerges from a vile, free standing bathtub.  It’s gross, saturated colour looms all around … and there’s a creepy out-of-time kid.  It seems the befuddled, blank-seeming woman who finds herself in this misbegotten place has no choice but to follow him.  Just as the audience will be compelled into the bizarrely superstitious world crafted with detailed assurance by Writer/Director Storm Ashwood.  THE SCHOOL is a disturbing, enthralling, dense film with a home grown pedigree.  The universal fear of the half-dead, undead, not allowed to be dead is pervasive and makes for addictive watching.

Amy is the woman who has surfaced into this morbid situation and the audience will see this world through her eyes.  And her memories.  She is a doctor and mother to a child confined to the coma ward of her hospital.  David drowned and has been absent life-signs for two years as his mother’s mental stability and professional standing have decayed.   But in this empty, defying place named as a schoolhouse, she will become a reluctant surrogate parent at the same as her warrior is awakened to fight a terror of feral teenagers who haunt the halls. Continue reading THE SCHOOL. A DENSE, DARK AND HAUNTING AUSTRALIAN FILM.