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Both artist’s works are a feast for the eyes in the current exciting exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries .

Will Maguire’s exhibition is called Porous and Quivering.

This waa a most exciting exhibition of various sculptures made of wood and steel. The materials are lovingly crafted and the ‘line’ of the sculptures and the texture of the material is at times featured.In Maguire’s exhibition the first part of the his exhibition is of pieces that have an emphatic Presence , with a dynamic arrangement at times swooping and curved , or straining vertically. Some have a soring feel, others more a heavy weightiness . The texture and weight of the wood is used to great effect.

Most of Maquire’s work displayed though is the steel ‘ domes’ in various forms .At times they look like insects , with their extra long , fragile ‘legs’ . They are presented on plinths , some singular , others double or multiples. They vibrantly stretch , bend and grow.

Dome Influence Struggles has two domes strenuously pushing against each other – you can feel the energy.

Will Maguire ‘Dome Composition’
Will Maguire ‘Dome Influence Struggles’


Unsteady Standing Dome has a long curved ‘ trunk’ like an elephant.

Then we come to Hover Domes 1-7 – a fierce line up of what could be described as helmets , with wooden supports.

Press Form Moving Along the Flat snakes horizontally .

Next are Timber Form Study 1-8 where the glorious texture of the wood is utilised in various shapes , sizes and thickness , with a slightly leaning form and ‘line’ , again set on plinths and using steel supports.

Last is a seemingly fragile delicate series of plywood and 1000 degree iron #1-4 ,photographed/displayed on a background of white cloth. They look like they could possibly be either feathers or inky brushstrokes.

Danielle McManus exhibition is called CAPTURED MOMENTS

Danielle McManus ‘Colourful Imagaination’

Danielle McManus’ exhibition CAPTURED MOMENTS is charming and delightful, striking ,bright bold and colourful and celebrates Australian flora and fauna and birds.

We are asked to imagine what the person in the painting is thinking/dreaming about.

Alone With her Memories depicts a nurse in a red cape , sitting alone on a large sofa with a troubled look, in a field of poppies. It is presumably World War 1 and she has lost her husband/fiancé/partner (?)but it could apply to any of the wars since then.

In Colourful Imagination we see a young girl , head tilted to one side and eyes closed , surrounded by a circular composition of birds , wheeling with wings open, two of which are in her arms/hands.

Boundless has a vertical , triangular composition with a young person wearing an old fashioned aviator helmet with a magpie perched on top against a cloudy pale blue sky.

Then comes Party of Four with a young girl in a glittering black ‘ crown’ and three different sorts of cockatoos .The jar on the table with a sparse floral arrangement is also important.

Protector is a plea for preservation of the environment and splendidly combines many textures – The girl ( in a black and white striped outfit) wears a flannel flower cap , holds a sleek platypus in her arms and has birds perched on her. There is also the various textures of the backdrop of the landscape.

Danielle McManus ‘Protector’


Immense and Sweet Eaters are two delicate graphite drawings .In Immense , there is a landscape with a butterfly , which takes up the bottom third of the composition and has contrasting textures. The young girl wears a close fitting cap of flannel flowers, noticed by an interested bee.

Sweet Eaters has a girl in an old fashioned Victorian like blouse , with upswept hair , a crown of flowers and nestling birds. She also holds a sprig of the flowers in her hand and there is another bird.

Stop to Smell The Flowers is bright, bold and questioning , looking directly at the viewer.The young , somewhat sad, person wears a bubbling floral hairdo of yellow flowers and a bird nestles on top.

Pearl Buttons depicts a young woman in profile wearing a Victorian style lace blouse – the buttons are at the back of the blouse .Her hair is upswept and we see a bird peeking out.

Peace Offering is a dynamic ,cheeky portrait of a colourful parrot holding a dandelion in its beak. The flat texture of its red body is contrasted with the cloak of its wings.

In Hopes and Dreams we see a young boy on a large chair in the middle of a field of poppies, wearing heavy boots and the old fashioned aviator helmet. He holds a dandelion and is surrounded by a fox and parrots Wistful daydreaming ?

The Little Prince is a gorgeous portrait of a young boy, looking down with a slight smile and sweeping eyelashes,, wearing a glittery black paper crown.

Pink and Grey is a cheeky ,confident portrait of a galah in profile.
Rose seems rather glum. Quite freckled, she wears the yellow flower cap and is looking upwards staring at a bee.

The Comfy Chair is a portrait of a magpie on a bottlebrush(which looks like it could have bouncy springs ).There is wonderful contrast between the flower and the sleek bird.

Blossom is a beautiful portrait of a possum curled in flowers.

Gaze shows a young woman in profile with a small sprig of flowers in her hair.

Fancy is a vibrant portrait in profile of a squawking cockatoo.

Nightwatchman is a front on haunting portrait of an owl , with its intense gaze .The face is almost divided in the middle and you can feel the downy textures.

For the Love of May is a beautiful, quite theatrical poster like pale young woman wearing a floral cap and there is a radiating backdrop of petals .

Using a diagonal composition, in Delicate we see a young woman in profile in the lace blouse with a headdress of flannelflowers.
Amongst the Leaves catches a scurrying numbat posing upright for a moment holding flowers amongst the leaves and neutral brownish tones .

The exhibition runs at Traffic Jam Galleries 5-26 April 2022

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A relatively small but striking ‘ pop up ‘ exhibition is currently on display at Traffic Jam Galleries, by sculptor Will Maguire entitled LEANING IN TO LETTING GO .

Maguire is one of very few contemporary blacksmiths in Australia. Traditional skills are combined with contemporary design, seeking to bring out the commanding presence of the materials.

The works are intensely personal.The timbers Maguire used were ironbark and turpentine over a hundred years old from an old wharf, the sheoak from his parents property – a tree which came down in a storm. Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES : WILL MAGUIRE : LEANING IN TO LETTING GO


As part of Art Month there is a wonderful exhibition currently showing at Traffic Jam Galleries , by Tracy Dods and Will Maguire, under the umbrella title JOURNEY OF EXPECTATIONS.


With its recurring motifs of businessmen walking into, or being consumed by the sea – Tracy Dod’s idiosyncratic work is bleak yet striking.

Most of her works have ominous clouds or at least a hint of stormy weather in the background.

Tracy lives in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales and spends much of her time in Sydney, observing the people she paints in areas/zones of urban activity such as Martin Place.

Merger, featuring two older businessmen on the edge of water, is not just about a business merger but is also slightly surrealistic – note how the hair of the pair is blown and merged together.

Mare Ditat (The Sea Restores) features a hunched, anxious businessman , holding his jacket, perhaps returning to the waiting viewer – cleansed of his sins of corruption?!

Momentary Equilibrium is rather surrealistic too in the depiction of the tumbling windblown, twig like hair.

In White Paper, the reflections and flying hair are marvellously depicted. Continue reading JOURNEY OF EXPECTATIONS : TRACY DODS AND WILL MAGUIRE @ TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES