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FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8. For the last forty-six years SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has been presented on the USA free to air network NBC (National Broadcasting Company). NBC is a commercial broadcast television and radio network owned by Comcast. Every weekly episode has a running time of ninety minutes, including advertising/commercials. Each week, this equals approximately 68 minutes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, plus the necessary 22 minutes of advertising/commercials.       Continue reading FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8 – SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – SEASON 45 and 46 –

Get Hard

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart do their shtick in Etan Cohen's new comedy GET   HARD
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart do their shtick in Etan Cohen’s new comedy

Coming to cinemas this week is the latest Will Ferrell movie, GET HARD, directed by Ethan Cohen, in his directorial debut, and co- written by long time Will Ferrell collaborator Ian Roberts. This a film that generates plenty of laughter and much political incorrectness.

Will Ferrell plays James King, a very wealthy and greedy hedge-fund manager who is living a life of extreme luxury when suddenly he is arrested for tax evasion and sentenced to ten years in prison.

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Best LEGO family adventure movie ever, this modern day satire is subversive and yet counter-cultural. This Australian made 3D computer animation comedy movie film, is already so beloved by USA audiences because this film satisfies audiences of all ages, and the sequel is already being made. Decent plot with very engaging characters, and you will be taken for quite an emotional and hectic ride, but near the end, the story has that unexpected twist, with an intriguing moral lesson for all, that is essentially true to life.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) a forgettable everyman, struggles as an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO mini-figure and is hopelessly and hilariously under prepared, when mistakenly identified by our surveillance culture. When anointed by an underground resistance movement as the “The Special” and the key to saving the world, Emmet is drafted into an epic quest journey (think HOBBIT) to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell) the evil tyrant who intends to permanently glue everyone in place. Just like MR.PEABODY AND SHERMAN, there are some surprising voices used as cameos, this time from famous female and male actors. Amazing visuals and yes it is very hard to tell that everything, is not actually made of real Lego pieces.

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Google gets the giggles in THE INTERNSHIP, re-teaming THE WEDDING CRASHERS duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Here they play a couple of dinosaurs whose time has run out – literally. Salesmen for a watch company, wrist chronometers have ceased to sell, and they are forced into early clock-off by their employer, John Goodman, who plans to retire with his wife and her augmented tits.

While Wilson finds employment with a crass mattress maven, a craven cameo by Will Ferrell, Vaughn re invents the dynamic duo as mature age college students and gets them a gig at Google where they partake in a kind of gladiatorial Google-a-rama to gain, well, gainful employment with Google.

These net newbies, wet behind the net, are techno tots compared to their younger competitors, but their street savvy gleaned from life experience, serve them in good stead.

Vince Vaughn conceived the story and co wrote the screenplay with   Jared Stern who co-penned Vaughn’s earlier film, THE WATCH

It’s a nifty feel good, fish out of water stand up and cheer crowd-pleaser with the affable Wilson delightfully down to earth and Vaughn, who can sometimes be aggravatingly focus pulling pluses out the minuses by pulling the pathos parallel with the patter. Rose Byrne is delightful as the Google gal that has Wilson agog.

If the gag’s on Google is it a Gaggle? Helmed by Shawn Levy director of the equally entertaining DATE NIGHT, is a cross generational aspirational comedy that pits HUNGER GAMES s against FLASHDANCE and comes out footloose.