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What Is The Matter With Mary Jane? @ Reginald Theatre

2014 MARY JANE 960
Gabrielle Savrone as the distraught anorexia nervosa sufferer Mary Jane. Production pics by Jodie Hutchinson

Over the  course of Wendy Harmer’s play, written with Sancia Robinson, we find out all about what is wrong with Mary Jane. She is having one hell of a battle with the disease, anorexia nervosa.

The play only goes for sixty minutes but it is a harrowing hour, seeing a  young woman’s life thrown into chaos. Every time she gets something out of the fridge she has this enormous dialogue with herself as to whether she can justify eating the piece of food that she has selected.

Then there’s the phone call from a friend asking her to come out with a group to have some pizza. Everybody loves pizza! We (the audience) can feel  the internal anguish that Mary Jane goes through in coming to her decision which is always going to be 200% No. Continue reading What Is The Matter With Mary Jane? @ Reginald Theatre