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This image: King of Loneliness, 2018, oil on Belgian linen                                                                                  Featured image: 刘 Shan Shui Australis/ Liu Dapeng

Vermillion Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition, featuring paintings by contemporary Chinese-Australian artist Dapeng Liu. The exhibition, titled Shan Shui Australis, will be the Dapeng Liu’s first solo exhibition as a professional artist. The official opening of the exhibition will launch on the 9th of August.

Dapeng Liu is a Sydney-based artist who primarily works with oil paint on canvas. His works showcased in Vermilion Art’s Shan Shui Australis exhibition explore the dichotomy between the East and the West as well as the cyclical nature of time. For the most part, this exhibition will showcase paintings that are concerned with the environment and landscapes that influence the artist. Continue reading SHAN SHUI AUSTRALIS – LIU DAPENG’S 1ST SOLO SHOW


This image: Luo Yang, Xie Yue (from the series GIRLS), 2015, digital print on fine art paper, edition 6+2AP                                                                                                                                                                                Featured image: Chen Qing Qing, A Long Match, 2014, Installation, 54x30x15cm (framed)

Vermilion Art is thrilled to announce an exciting and relevant  exhibition, SWORN SISTERS. The exhibition presents a collection of artworks by nine emerging and established female artists from China, including Chen Qingqing, Feng Ling, Hu Ming, Li Lin Lin, Geng Xue, Cindy Ng, Rose Wong and Xiao Lu.

Curated by the former ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, SWORN SISTERS will be the first exhibition to be held in Australia that features exclusively contemporary Chinese women artists.

By including women artists that resist and subvert not only the male gaze, but the male dominated art world, Vermilion Art hopes that the exhibition challenges stereotypes of Chinese woman as submissive and passive homemakers. By extension, SWORN SISTERS serves as a kind of intervention, to celebrate and acknowledge female agency and subjectivity within art and broader society. Continue reading SWORN SISTERS – CHALLENGING STEREOTYPES AT VERMILION ART


This image: Wang Lifeng, Ji-6, mixed media on paper, 2015-2017, 38x65cm                                Banner image: Wang Lifeng, Ji-5, mixed media on paper, 2015-2017, 65x114cm

Opening 14 February 2018, Vermilion Art  [Facebook] presents the first exhibition of the year, a solo exhibition by Beijing-based artist Wang LifengARCHIVES OF LONGING Continue reading WANG LIFENG: ARCHIVES OF LONGING – CURATED BY GUAN WEI

Vermilion Art: Under the Same Moon

At the salon reading, mixed media on canvas by Yunn Ru

UNDER THE SAME MOON is a group exhibition from Yunn Ru, Ava Wang, Charlotte Lin, Chu Fan, Lin Ling, Man Chien

It is an exhibition of selected art works that highlight six international contemporary artists from different creative backgrounds. It  showcases lively and experimental works ranging from couture garment to artisan paper. It is a celebration of the rich diversity and authenticity of works across different media, all created under the same moon.

Curated by established fashion model and self-taught artist Yunn Ru Soo, UNDER THE SAME MOON features eclectic pieces drawn from the diverse and complementary fields of fashion and design. “Assembling a collection of works from people who don’t consider fine art to be their primary occupation will definitely throw a big question out there. We want this exhibition to provoke our viewers by challenging our thoughts on how society perceives the identity of an artist.”

The exhibition covers six emerging artists who are established in their existing careers. Ava Wang, a brand manager from Taiwan, showcases inspiring calligraphy touched by the evolution of time and its influence on the style of Chinese words. Lin Ling, a Hong Kong graphic designer shares her redemption of individuality through the art of jewelry-making. Whilst Charlotte Lin, a final year fine art student from UNSW reveals her surroundings through her own personal observations on one another.

Chu Fan, Man Chien, and Yunn Ru are connected by a shared interest in fashion and the visual fusion of creativity and reality. Coming from the same country, they prove that their artistic practice is not a fad, but the pursuit of personal redemption.
Chu Fan’s fascination with the idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand reflects his view on how the beauty of nature and the universe is often found in small details, much like his profession as a make-up artist.

Yunn Ru began painting as a way of dealing with loneliness and self-exploration during her nomadic period as an international fashion/commercial model. Her works shows a wildly imaginative range in storytelling through colors. Man Chien, from an industrial design background, brings art to life by enlivening garments to combine romantic sentiments with chic design.

This exhibition will include new acrylic series by both Chu Fan and Charlotte Lin; calligraphy and ink works by Ava Wang; a vibrant series of abstract paintings by Yunn Ru Soo; jewelry works by Lin Ling and haute couture art by Man Chien.

The show will be on view from Thursday 23 Nov until Saturday 23 Dec at Vermilion Art 5/16 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, 2205, NSW

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm  Wednesday to Saturday.

23 Nov / 6.30pm

For more about Vermilion Art: Under the Same Moon Exhibition, visit http://www.vermilionart.com.au
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