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Eishan Ensemble’s excellent performance at Venue 505 in Surry Hills blended Persian and Western musical traditions in an exciting and impressive way. Their music does not fit into any customary genre but Persian infused jazz could be one label. Persian-Australian musician and composer, Hamed Sadeghi, is the lead of the ensemble. He plays classical Persian instruments the tar and the oud and is accompanied by some first-rate musicians: Pedram Layegh on classical guitar, Michael Avgenicos on saxophone, Elsen Price on double bass and Adem Yilmaz on percussion.

Persian music traditionally has improvisation at its core and combining with jazz musicians and their conventions allows Eishan Ensemble to take advantage of this and create harmonious and fascinating music. Hamed explained that Eishan means “these guys” and that he feels fortunate to be playing with these guys. Judging by their response the audience at Venue 505 felt fortunate to be in the presence of these guys. Continue reading EISHAN ENSEMBLE @ OLD 505


Matthew Ottignon
Matthew Ottignon in full flight

Eight excellent performers of the main act, Mr Ott, on stage with a grand piano, an enormous baritone sax and an impressive double bass, plus the six sexy dancers on the floor added a spectacular visual dimension to the great music at the crowded Venue 505 on Saturday night.

Mr Ott provided fun and joyous music and they were ably supported by the more restrained and intriguing Slowpoke Rodriguez,
lead by Pat Harris on bass, with Carlos Adura, Ken Allars, Sandro Bueno, Daniel Pliner and Simon Relf, started with almost trance like rhythms before bringing in some avant garde trumpet playing and then releasing the full band on the very engaged audience. You have to love a band that has a song called Bavaria based on a fictitious German 80s cop show of the same name with all the catchy guitars and glorious clichés of the TV theme music genre. Their website is http://slowpokerodriguez.bandcamp.com/.



Rainee Lyleson plays her dulcimar in a quiet park setting

Rainee Lyleson is one of those multi-talented young performers- she is an actress, singer and musician- who is always on the move.

Rainee recently completed her role as Juliet in Impulse Theatre Company’s vibrant production of ROMEO AND JULIET at Newtown’s King Street theatre.  Interestingly, her mother- Lisa Peers- was also in the cast, playing Juliet’s Nurse. At our Bondi meeting she told me how she was the third generation in a row of actors in her family.

She is now well into rehearsals for her latest production, her tribute show, ‘TAKE ME AS I AM, An Evening with Joni Mitchell’, which she will she perform for one night only, next week at Surry Hills’s 505 Venue.

“My father came into my bedroom when I was thirteen years old. Excitedly he handed me a new record, Joni Mitchell’s ‘Court and Spark’. He said, ‘Rainee, I think you are ready for this now’. He was so right. I was hooked on Joni’s music  through my teen years and have been ever since. Joni turns 70 this November and I wanted to honour a true artist.”

Rainee has been touring her Joni show for the last year, giving some 8 performances, including an East Coast tour that took her up to Byron Bay. This is her first city gig.

Rainee will be coming on to the 505 stage as the great Canadian Lady of Song. With her petite looks she passes easily for Joni. She has spent a lot of time researching her role, and will appear in character. There will be repartee between songs, with little background stories to the songs, many of which were about the particular man that was in Joni’s life at the time. They were celebrated figures in their own right, including Graham Nash and James Taylor

The show will play out in two sets. First set will be acoustic, with Rainee playing guitar and dulcimer, and will feature a lot of Joni’s early material, in particular, her much critically lauded BLUE album, which even Bob Dylan gave a nod to with his song, ‘Tangled Up in Blue’, from another legendary album, ‘Blood On The Tracks’.

After interval, the second bracket will focus on Joni’s move towards more jazz style music and will conclude on the note of another classic album, ‘Heijra’. Rainee will be supported by a funky band that she has got together that will include drums, bass, piano, guitar and harmonica.

Joni Mitchell hung up her guitar a long time ago. Her last album of original songs was released in 2007. Now her focus is on paint brush and canvas, an artform that she has always appeared to be more at ease with.

Rainee Lyleson will give her concert TAKE ME AS I AM: An Evening with Joni Mitchell at Venue 505, 280 Cleveland Street at 8.30pm on Thursday October 3. Bookings- trybooking.com.

“We are stardust

We are golden

We have to get ourselves back to the garden.”

A trip down Memory Lane to a more  idealistic time…I can’t wait…Maybe see you there?!