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In Nakkiah Lui’s play HOW TO RULE THE WORLD Vic, Zaza and Chris meet in a bar. They have a passionate, booze filled chat that is the genesis for them to start an election campaign.

They are fed up with the current state of politics and the Prime Ministers current push to push Sovereign State legislation through  Parliament.

All three of them are well educated, savvy with political processes, and have their own ideas about how they want things run.  There is a a half senate election coming up  They come up with a plan. They will  find someone who will run for the senate and get him or her  to be the voice for their views.

They decide that it will have to be a non threatening, non thinking white person.  Further, they decide its going to have to be an out of work actor, and that they will need to hold auditions to find the right person.                         Continue reading HOW TO RULE THE WORLD @ THE DRAMA THEATRE

The God Of Hell

Second Image
A scene from Sam Shepard’s THE GOD OF HELL. Pic Katy Green-Loughrey

With a guitar lick reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s theme for Paris, Texas, this production of THE GOD OF HELL sonically signifies that you are in Sam Shepard country and you just know that this isn’t going to be a happy heifer after story for Wisconsin dairy farmers, Frank and Emma.

These two cowpokes are the last vestige of independent livestock owners in the area, their neighbours all having sold out to the giant Agricorps conglomerates. Continue reading The God Of Hell