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UTP: BlakBox
Photo Credit: Barton Taylor

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) will be installing its surround-sound pavilion, BLAK BOX at Blacktown Showground Precinct in the heart of Western Sydney, in partnership with Sydney Festival and Blacktown Arts.

The state-of-the-art surround-sound space captured the imagination of Sydney-siders when unveiled earlier this year at Barangaroo and now a brand-new program of works – FOUR WINDS – has been curated by Daniel Browning with elders, young people and musicians from Blacktown, Australia’s most populous urban First Peoples community.  FOUR WINDS draws on the oral history and speculative future of Blacktown and Greater Western Sydney from the perspective of Blacktown Elders and teenagers. Continue reading FOUR WINDS: NEXT ITERATION OF BLAKBOX COMING FOR SYDFEST19


This image: Team Trampoline and Meg Wilson – a contemporary visual and textile artist
Featured image: Uncle Wes. Photo by Heidrun Lohr.

It is usually in the company of strangers that we experience art.  We may have a friend or two with us but we are surrounded by people we don’t know, sometimes aware of their reactions often oblivious.  RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW brings people, strangers, together in an art experience that moves groups of friends-to-make through the streets of Blacktown with the jostling camaraderie of immersion.  It’s enormous fun and rousing, appreciative viewing facilitated by extremely discreet and skilled stage management.

Beginning with a Welcome to Country from 94 year old Uncle Wes Marne.  As he stands in smoke, a storyteller man, he speaks of a time far away when his experience of our country hits our ears like a foreign land.  A time when he, as a little boy, had to run back to the mission when it rained because he was not allowed to shelter with the white children.  It’s better now, he says, the last ten years, we are on our way. Continue reading RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW ON THE STREETS OF BLACKTOWN


Featured image: Team Trampoline – Meg Wilson and Nicole Barakat in residence.

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) is delighted to unveil details of Sydney’s first place-based festival in the heart of Blacktown.

RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. is a three-week event inspired by the stories, characters, and artists from this dynamic Western Sydney community. This brand-new arts festival will feature works that respond to the local landscape and showcase the talents, vitality and personal stories of emerging and established artists from across Western Sydney and beyond.

RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. (RHRN.) features performance, installation, music, film and food in a 3.5 hour contemporary, place-based experience in the heart of Blacktown. It will see UTP continue its reputation for creating ‘out of the box’ experiences that tell contemporary Australian stories inspired by Western Sydney. RHRN. will unveil five newly commissioned artworks made in collaboration with more than 25 young and emerging Western Sydney artists.  Continue reading URBAN THEATRE PROJECTS LAUNCHES NEW FESTIVAL IN HEART OF BLACKTOWN


Blak-Box: Artist Impression -Kevin OBrien

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) has unveiled plans for BLAK BOX , a major new architecture and sound pavilion exploring Barangaroo’s past, present and future and sharing First Peoples stories.  It will be  at Barangaroo Reserve from 2 to 24 June.

The state-of-the-art and surround-sound space has been purpose designed by globally renowned architect Kevin O’Brien. The harbourside pavilion will be filled with a powerful suite of newly commissioned sound works curated by Daniel Browning, presenter on ABC Radio National. The works bring together a moving range of contemporary Aboriginal voices to respond to the past, present and future of the Barangaroo site.  Continue reading BLAK BOX: SHARING FIRST PEOPLES STORIES AT BARANGAROO


As the wafting smoke from the Welcome to Country drifts through the audience it seems to help me focus. It envelops so that the traffic speeding past seems distant. The smoke is pungent and yet soothing. It heightens my senses and increases my receptivity, yet several times during HOME COUNTRY I find little moments of wondering why I feel … whatever it is I am feeling.

HOME COUNTRY is the latest work from Urban Theatre Projects with Blacktown Arts Centre as part of the Sydney Festival. It is staged in Blacktown; it has three stories in a multi-storey carpark; it has a culturally diverse creative team of, writers, musicians, advisors, designers. But it is the actors who do the job here. They are a wonderful cast.

The first characters we meet are from the story BLACKTOWN ANGELS (Andrea James). Angel (Shakira Clanton) has been guarding the audience for quite a while, perched over us on the edge of one of the car park levels. What a presence this actor has. And then she begins to sing. What a voice! The words are unfamiliar but so beautifully rendered to be as enveloping as that smoke. Continue reading URBAN THEATRE PROJECTS PRESENTS ‘HOME COUNTRY’