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Schapelle Schapelle the Musical @ MANNING BAR University Of Sydney

Stunning high-energy and immensely entertaining, musical comedy parody of “The Schapelle Corby Story”. With superb cast book music and lyrics, providing cleverly fictionalized media sensationalism, insightfully delivered by a full cast of triple threat actors with perfect comic timing. Witty sarcastic and a bloody amazing night out.     Continue reading Schapelle Schapelle the Musical @ MANNING BAR University Of Sydney


The Sydney Chamber Choir, conducted by Sam Allchurch with pianist Jem Harding, invites  music lovers to attend its first performance for the year at the Great Hall, Sydney University in early April.

It will be a great opportunity to dive deep into the luscious music of the German Romantics, with this celebration of the rich beauty of choral voices: the delicacy of Schubert, the eloquence of Mendelssohn and the resonant harmonies of Brahms and Bruckner, culminating in Schoenberg’s passionate and powerful plea for Peace on Earth.

This was the age when music got personal, as composers shook off the old conventions of balance and restraint to seek out fresh ways to communicate feeling.

The Romantics, inspired by the magnificence of Nature, the unexplored paths of dreams and a deep awe of the divine, opened up choral music to unlimited horizons of both grandeur and intimacy.

Saturday April 8 at 7.30 pm at the Great Hall, Sydney University.

For more about German Romantics, visit http://www.sydneychamberchoir.org
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The Marais Project: Dowland In The 21st Century: Review

Seaven Teares (l to r)- Shaun Ng, Imogen Granwal, Jenny Eriksson, Cathy Upex

The striking setting of Sydney University’s Refactory suitably housed this special tribute to composer John Dowland. The aesthetic suited the styles of the music, and the acoustic was a true gift for this birthday bash.

Special guests attended this party. Virtuosi Tommie Anderson (lute) and Daniel Yeadon (treble viol) augmented the solid ensemble. Soprano Belinda Montgomery beautifully brought Dowland’s emotional and joyous intensities to life, and freshly to our time, above a range of accompaniment textures.      

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