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The stage illustrate as a gay living in the island is same as in the closet.

Politics was on my mind as I attended Old 505 Theatre who are hosting the Archie Rose Touring Hub of the Sydney Fringe.  A production from Taiwan about the LGBT experience? Has to be political! That’s probably why I approached a lovely Taiwanese man and woman and, politely I hope, hit them with twenty questions.  What was the main religion I started off with, what laws impact on the community, what are the prevailing attitudes to queer people?  It went on like this for a while as I info-mined this very generous couple.

After a thoroughly engaging chat, I felt armed with a smidgen of non-wikipedia understanding with which to view BLUE ISLAND 99, my preconceptions about the manner of the production ripe for confrontation.  This is not an angry show, nor is it over-charged with Realpolitik, nor is it didactically political.  Instead the viewer is treated to a lyrical and conceptual work, created with stimulating and well-crafted multimedia and presented with skill and joy. Continue reading BLUE ISLAND 99: UNMISSABLE CONCEPTUAL THEATRE