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01 A Good Egg 02 The Genesis Project 03 Walked Over 04 Broken 05 Tea Time 06 The Piece Keeper 07 The Turnaround 08 Wiped Out

All pics by Stephen Favaloro and are displayed in the sequence of plays performed. Featured pic- The cast of THE PIECE KEEPER.


(1) A GOOD EGG is an unpredictable comedy, with the lead immaculately costumed as the best dressed rooster in Sydney. Lonely hearts meet via online dating, very clever dialogue, but you will never ever guess who actually gets who?

DIRECTOR: Shannan Ely, WRITER: Mark Konik

(2) THE GENESIS PROJECT– Comedy about the first day of the creation of the world, as four angels carry out god’s instructions. However very disappointing, because just when the audience is getting into the story, it ends.

DIRECTOR: Henrietta Stathopolous, WRITER: Christian Simonsen

(3) WALKED OVER – As the drama of the story unfolds, we are drawn ever deeper into the lives of the couple, and perhaps our sympathies are with one more than the other. Perhaps the truth is something completely different?

DIRECTOR: Tom Richards WRITER: Graham Yates ITC: Crash Test Drama Sydney

 (4) BROKEN has two political prisoners, tortured, beaten and then thrown together. But who is betraying who, and what will one do to save their family. A very impressive script, with powerful performances.

DIRECTOR: Bass Hathaway WRITER: James McLindon

(5) TEA TIME – pulled at the heart strings of the audience, with a truly outstanding performance by Sandra Bass. Just a beautifully simple and elegant script, expertly directed. Gentle repetition of “cup of tea?” heightened the plight of an elderly couple, both with dementia. Poignant comedy garnered applause, plus oooos and arrrrs from the audience.

DIRECTOR: Debbie Smith WRITER: Debbie Smith

(6) THE PIECE KEEPER female hoarder loses or does she take, everything, by deliberately choosing her own life journey.

DIRECTOR: Felicity Burke WRITER: Pheona Mulligan ITC: Crash Test Drama Sydney

(7) THE TURNAROUND – clever political satire, as the sleazy politician becomes the fixer of a terrible mistake that he made with a staffer.

DIRECTOR: Terry Meller WRITER: David Vazdauskas

(8) WIPED OUT – drama monologue. A woman’s life is wiped out, as we come to understand why she is in her present position. An extremely revengeful ending.

DIRECTOR: Stephen Carnell WRITER: Robert Renshaw ITC: Actors Anonymous Inc

 (9) ON THE BUS has a large cast, some under-utilised, which brings to life the stories of each character. All are now little more than shells of their former selves.

DIRECTOR: Mary D’Alton WRITER: Gillian Brennan ITC: Crash Test Drama Bundanoon

(10) WHO WANTS TO BE A CHANNEL NINE INTERN?! – A laugh out loud comedy, with a truly outstanding performance by Davey Reynolds as “Bryan from HR” as the interviewer. Job interview that immediately turns into a rigged television game show, including a weird “phone a friend”. The question is who actually wins the game? With a very witty script, this was the crowd pleaser of the night.

DIRECTOR: Dave Reynolds WRITER: Chris Heaslip ITC: SlipDavey.

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 Top80 week two, runs from Wednesday 13 January 2016 to Sunday 17 January 2016 at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville